‘Case Solved!’ with Crossroads Investigations

Marc Hurwitz, President

The highly effective detective agency

Imagine being able to harness the expertise of investigative professionals formerly with the CIA, White House National Security Council, the U.S. Department of State, the the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Now, fully licensed and insured Crossroads Investigations is making the most highly effective detective services readily available to clients ranging from individuals to diverse professionals including many prominent attorneys.

After serving as a CIA officer for many years, Marc Hurwitz founded Crossroads Investigations – specializing in asset and bank searches, background checks, due diligence, surveillance and skip traces that can find people who may not want to be found.

“Crossroads is able to ‘dig up details’ utilizing state-of-the art investigative technology,” Hurwitz said. “We also have the unique ability to access restricted databases uncovering hard-to-find information as a direct result of years of intelligence work at the highest levels. Our government training enables clients to review in-depth background studies for personal, litigation or business purposes; and obtain crucially important information such as a person’s net worth or the whereabouts of someone who needs to be served court papers.”

This due diligence “Case Solved!” study reveals how Crossroads Investigations’ highly effective detective work saved one client millions of dollars.

“Crossroads Investigations can help you find out everything and anything about a subject or business through an extensive due diligence process – before a transaction is completed,” Hurwitz said. “We recently saved a client from investing in a bad overseas company that was in massive debt facing fines for international trade violations. Our client avoided a major headache and potentially losing millions of dollars.”

Whether you’re contemplating a new business venture or partnership – trying to collect a settlement or child support – suspect insurance fraud or infidelity – or want to locate a debtor refusing to pay – Crossroads Investigations gets the “Case Solved!” providing priceless solid proof and peace of mind.

For more information about Crossroads Investigations, phone: 305-929-3513 or visit www.xinvestigations.com.

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