City of Miami Beach Launches Drug Prevention and Intervention Series

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— Equipping Parents and Guardians with the Tools to Raise Drug-Free Teens —

In an effort to build a healthier and more tight-knit community, the City of Miami Beach is hosting a series of workshops to educate families on the dangers of adolescent substance use. The meetings aim to equip parents with the tools and resources to address drug prevention and intervention in teens.

“As mayor and a father of three teenagers, I realize the significance early drug prevention and intervention programs have in shaping the lives of our teens,” shared Mayor Dan Gelber. “The City of Miami Beach wants you and your family to Be in the Know when it comes to recognizing the signs of adolescent substances abuse. The workshops will provide you with the necessary resources be able to address these issues in the most effective manner.”

Led by experts Ray Estefania and Ana Moreno of Family Recovery Specialists and facilitated by Miami Beach Chief Learning and Development Officer Dr. Leslie Rosenfeld, the series will cover a wide array of topics related to drug abuse including mental health, technology, states of addiction, marijuana legalization and more. Teaching parents the importance of fostering open communication with their children, the workshops will be hands-on in instructing parents on how to encourage healthy decision making and eliminate vulnerabilities or dependencies that could lead to substance abuse.

“In light of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, now more than ever, it’s vital we prioritize mental health in the community and recognize its link to substance abuse,” expressed Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez. “These workshops will educate parents on these dangers, set the stage for preventive discussions, and by opening the conversation to include our high schoolers, be monumental in properly addressing the issue in our city and making sure everyone is onboard.”

All sessions will be held at the Miami Beach Golf Club, located at 2301 Alton Road, on designated Thursday mornings and evenings. The first session already took place on March 1 at 7 p.m. The sessions are open to parents and teens interested in learning about the effects of substance abuse on teen thinking and behavior.

Please click here for a complete schedule.

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