Creating a Hollywood Wedding Video Production

Creating a Hollywood Wedding Video ProductionProbably anyone who has ever sat through a boring hour-long VHS video of a wedding that was poorly lit and terribly shot is glad those days are over — or at least, almost.

Now that high definition video cameras are available to consumers in all price ranges and sizes, most people have a better understanding of just what high-quality video should look like. This means the average event video producer needs to up their services and offer consumers something they cannot do themselves, even with the latest high definition camera.

Today’s state-of-the-art HD cameras include high-grade lenses and capture beautiful images in almost every scene. The question consumers need to ask is this: what can a professional with a professional HD camera do that the average person with the same equipment cannot?

The answer to this is perfect composition, excellent lighting and professional editing and audio engineering, which results in a breathtaking and truly cinematic experience that anyone can be proud to share. No one will be bored sitting through a well-shot wedding versus the old-fashioned VHS tapes of the past.

The best professional wedding photographer will also have a background in either film production or film studies. One tip for consumers looking for a great video producer is viewing the INcard offers to find good deals on video production for an upcoming wedding or any other event.

Today, it’s easy to find lightweight and affordable Steadicams as well jibs, cranes, dollies and even remote controlled helicopters, which can be equipped with the 5D camera to get the same effect as a large Hollywood film crew. Many small independent crews who specialize in wedding videos also have access to the same filmmaking tools previously unknown in the event production industry.

The biggest trend today in wedding videos is short versions of the wedding with beautifully shot highlights that have been edited to resemble a long movie trailer or to tell a love story and show the best elements of the big day. This creates truly breathtaking results and more wedding photographers in Miami are jumping onto this latest trend. This trend doesn’t just apply to weddings, either; it’s become a popular Miami video production method for engagement parties, baby showers and bar/bat mitzvahs as well.

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The professionals at Zip In Media have more than 20 years of experience in print, web, film, video and interactive media and use this industry experience to conceptualize, produce and edit breathtaking wedding videos and other event videos.

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