Crescent Heights Chief Russell Galbut Critical of Miami Beach Development Process, Calls for Meaningful Change

Paul Weimer

Friday’s Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting provided a forum for prominent, home-grown developer Russell Galbut to vent about the tangled web of bureaucracy that has become standard operating procedure in the city of Miami Beach.

Not one to mince words, Galbut was certainly not shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with the Byzantine process that has, in his view, cost Miami Beach dearly, as companies chose to take their business elsewhere rather than become snared in a maze of never ending regulations, paperwork, and indecision.

And Mr. Galbut certainly seemed to have the facts and figures to back up his dissatisfaction, citing Miami Beachs’ recent loss of luxury retailer LVMH to the design district as the latest example of the City’s unfriendly attitude toward business and development. Galbut went on to say that his development experience in San Francisco, where he accomplished in four weeks what would have taken five years in Miami Beach, further convinced him that major change is needed if Miami Beach expects to attract investment.

Many audience members applauded Galbut’s frankness and echoed his painful experiences in Miami Beach with their own horror stories about consistent delays, extraordinary filing expenses, and needless bureaucracy.

Galbut concluded his tirade with a concrete, five-point call for action. Among his suggestions were requiring individuals with decision making authority to actually either live or work in Miami Beach and to immediately dismiss committee members who consistently miss meetings.

Galbut’s arguments were convincing, and it was hard to walk away without hoping that someone in City Hall would eventually get the message and take action. With cities around the country and throughout the world clamoring for investment and tourism dollars, Miami Beach can ill afford to continue to be perceived as a difficult place to do business.

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5 Comments on "Crescent Heights Chief Russell Galbut Critical of Miami Beach Development Process, Calls for Meaningful Change"

  1. Go Go Galbut!!!

    Nice article Paul…

  2. Good jog Russell….you have acquire respect from our family….Miami Beach definitely needs change for future grow of our beautiful city…RR

  3. Read the fine lines, especially regarding who Galbut is ready to step on, including death (literally- see Plaza Health Network) to anyone who gets in his way, in order to get what he wants. Machiavelli…was he good or bad?? He achieved things, but at the supreme expense of others. Think about it.
    I personally think it’s disgusting and am dismayed at how Miami Beach has rolled over and offered its behind to this monger. Well, you get what you deserve. MiamiPutasBeach…so sad.

  4. Don’t be bullied Weimer. We are still a democracy

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