Doob is a full-service 3D tech company offering customers a scalable 3D replica of themselves. Doob is a life-like figure capturing your features through a 360 degree technologically advanced 3D scanner called a Dooblicator – – The Dooblicator is a cylinder that houses 66 cameras that takes a picture quickly in a blink of an eye. One shot or a series of shots are captured in any pose and with just about any prop. Those 66 cameras produce images that’s created into a 3-D file. For the tech savvy enthusiast, Doob3D also offers digital applications that includes digital Doobs, avatars, and High-Fidelity avatars for virtual reality and more.


Doob3D was founded in Dusseldorf, Germany with regional headquarters in New York and Tokyo. Doob3D owns one of the first, fully integrated and scalable 3D pipelines. The 3D technology platform delivers mass customized products to consumer markets and diverse B2B sectors.


Doobs are printed through an industrial additive manufacturing process that builds the 3D figure by layering the resin polymer powder layer by layer and simultaneously injecting color ink. Depending on the size, each Doob consists of a thousand layers or more. When it’s printing, color ink, including the full-color spectrum in CMYK, is injected into every layer. No hand painting of any kind is involved. The figurine is covered in a clear adhesive coating that helps enhance the colors and protect the figurine.  After being printed, a specialist then polishes and perfect the figurine by hand.


Doobs are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 14 inches. Sharable Doob mini’s are works of art created for you in sets of 12 or 24 pieces; can be used as party favors, wedding favors, baby shower favors or game pieces.


For the holidays you can add your 3D model into an ornament, on a wreath or with a Santa hat. Special orders available for custom head bust and life-sized replicas.


Doob production must travel through the only full-service pipeline for 3D imaging, software, modeling, and printing that exists in the world and arrives at your door in about 2-3 weeks.


Doob’s 3D technology is cutting edge and has wide applications in industries such as architecture, medical & healthcare, fashion, fitness and sports & entertainment. The first Florida store is located at 753 Washington Ave, Miami Beach adding to the other six Doob3D stores throughout the country.


Doob3D unique technology have been featured in: Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Scholastic, and on NBC Nightly News, Today Show, CBS, WIRED, and CNN.


“Technology and art can be merged to create something that is brand new and exciting. We’ve seen photos with people and their pets, sports equipment, favorite pool floats, of individual or individuals all at one time, wedding cake toppers, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, anniversaries, baby announcement, graduation, military and first responders in uniform, and many other milestones of life. The imagination is the only limit to creating a Doob that’s especially for you.” Nolan Carroll said, owner of Doob3D Miami.


Getting a Doob is a great way to memorialize your special moment in time, better than a selfie and better that a still photo, it’s a work of 3D technology art of you. Learn more or make an appointment to create your Doob at: or call: 786-275-6159.


For a limited time, Doob3D Miami is offering 40% off reorders until December 3, 2018.








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