Ear, Nose and Throat Services Expand At Mount Sinai

Ear, Nose and Throat Services Expand At Mount SinaiMount Sinai Medical Center is expanding its Otolaryngology program with the addition of new subspecialties, all with the goal of offering more comprehensive ear, nose and throat (ENT) care. The new subspecialties include neurotology, which focuses on the ear and its relation to the nervous system and laryngology, the treatment of voice and airway disorders.

The practice has recently moved to a new location within the Simon Medical Office building on the hospital’s Miami Beach campus at 4302 Alton Road, Suite 115.

“We are very excited about our new suite of offices and pleased to offer our patients more comprehensive care with the addition of our new specialists.” said Dr. Frank Kronberg, Otolaryngologist.

Mount Sinai’s otolaryngology program offers a wide range of services, including balloon sinuplasty for the treatment of mild to moderate sinus disease, recurrent sinus headaches and recurrent sinus infections. Similar to angioplasty for the heart, balloon sinuplasty is less painful and patients recover faster than with the traditional endoscopic approach.

The practice also offers radiofrequency ablation for nasal and oral tissues to treat issues related to snoring and sleep apnea, and sublingual immunotherapy for allergy treatment – a convenient, pain-free alternative to allergy shots.

In addition, the practice has an array of new equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of ENT disorders which includes videonystagmography (VNG) for more comfortable and precise tests of inner ear and central motor functions, and videostroboscopy which provides more refined visuals of vocal cord function for a more precise diagnosis and better treatment planning. As well, high-powered magnification tools are used for better evaluation of the ear, as well as an advanced soundproof audiology booth for the testing of hearing (adult and pediatric) and complete hearing aid dispensing services.

Smaller, pediatric equipment for treating children also sets the expanded practice apart. While ENT services at Mount Sinai have always treated pediatric patients, the new equipment makes it easier and more comfortable for children during the diagnostic and treatment process.

In addition to seeing patients on Mount Sinai’s Miami Beach campus, the practice also has an office at the Mount Sinai Aventura Physician Offices and Diagnostic Center, located at 2845 Aventura Boulevard. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 305-674-CARE (2273). Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

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