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By David Evensly….
Do You Need An Investment Advisor? The short answer may seem like a reference to the famous “if you have to ask…” joke, but the truth is, if you think you might need financial and investment advice, then you absolutely do. Because the immediate benefit of a trusted and capable wealth manager is peace of mind; the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are well managed based on a professional financial planning process that is compatible with your goals, wishes, and dreams.

Evensky & Katz – The Benefits

• Unlike a traditional brokerage relationship based on a commercial caveat emptor standard, our relationship with our clients is one of a fiduciary, i.e., we formally agree to place our clients’ interest first.
• Interactive planning, guided by an experienced Certifies Financial Planner® professional to empower you to make good long-term planning decisions.

• Developing a professional Investment Policy statements; a roadmap to guide your investments.

• Cost efficient – Low cost institutional manager access and pricing.

• Tax efficient – Tax sensitive management by E&K professionals.

• Comfort in knowing that independent and objective professionals have selected your money managers through a rigorous process.

• Comfort in knowing your money managers are actively monitored.

• Comfort in knowing your portfolio allocations are consistently maintained in accordance with your own investment policy.

• Transparency – Monthly investment statements from your independent custodian.

• Security – Your custodian holds your assets and prepares your monthly reports.

• Awareness – In addition to your custodian’s monthly reports, you will receive E&K’s more comprehensive quarterly reports and market letters.

• Personal Service – At your request, quarterly meetings with a CFP® practitioner to review and discuss your planning and portfolio.

• Financial Planning Advice – Access to E&K’s hourly financial planning consultation service.

Evensky & Katz – The Firm

– A combination of boutique attention and big firm safety

– Aproven team of experienced, credentialed professionals.

– The intellectual capital of a 25 year old, nationally recognized and respected Wealth Management firm.

If you would like additional information, contact me at (305) 448-8882 Ext. 214 or DavidEvensky@Evensky.com.

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