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Dr. Norma Ross

Norma Ross is a New York Licensed Psychoanalyst and Florida Certified Mental Health Professional who specializes in relationships, marriages and parenting. She provides a safe non-judgmental place for individuals, couples and families to work on difficult issues.

Life has been quite eventful since her arrival in Miami Beach. She was cast as the marriage counselor on the 2007 first episode of VH1s Hogan Knows Best. The episode on Hogan Knows Best was a wonderful start for practice here in South Beach. Norma still maintains her practice in New York City.

One area Norma spends her time is educating couples on how to change old patterns of behavior. She helps them create new scripts for old issues. Couples usually come to her office for help to stay together in their relationships. She also writes scripts when clients are not clear on how to approach an issue with a friend, family member or in the workplace. For parents who are divorcing she often writes the script for how to handle the children so the words are less hurtful for the child. At the backbone of this script writing is a way to teach clients how to utilize healthy and effective communication skills.

When it comes to issues of parenting, Norma has quite a wealth of expertise, as she is not only a practitioner, but also a mother who has raised two healthy adult children. Often she helps parents devise a parenting plan. Many parents struggle to say “NO “ to their children when they really ought to. Norma deals with the core struggles for the parents and empowers them to say “No” so that they may regain or maintain control in their families. Parents are given her book You Can Say No and Your Child Will Still Love You. This book is now available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

Every client in her practice gets special attention. No problem is too small. Norma assists and empowers her clients in her office, by telephone and email. For more information about her practice please check out

Contact Info:

Norma Ross 305-962-6579

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