Headline: Art Basel for Locals: 400 Level Insider’s Guide

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How in the world can one expect to decipher all the info touting Art Basel 2015? Art Basel Miami Beach at the Convention Center is the reason for all of this, and the center of this entire universe. Everything else, aside from the sun and surf, are satellites. Here’s how to decipher what revolves around the sun.

Two weeks ago, we printed the basics. Here are the buried bones.

  1. Identify Your Motivation. There is too much to see.
  2. There is not enough space here to write about ABMB here, so read PAPER MAG’s Mega Guide: http://www.papermag.com/art-basel-miami-beach-2015-guide-1442024673.html
  3. Purely art, enjoy these: Art Basel Miami Beach, UNTITLED, SCOPE, CONTEXT, Miami Project, NADA, PULSE, Art Miami
  4. Museum Vibes: The Bass, PAMM
  5. Outdoor Action: Collins Park, Wynwood
  6. Deeper Cachet: Visit/check these (or just impress your friends):
    1. Jennifer Rubell’s Devotion on December 3
    2. Voices No3 from Paris Galerie 55Bellechasse at Art Basel
    3. The Skateroom at the Delano
    4. Design Miami/
    5. Thomas Leeser’s Atrium at Scope
    6. ‘Metaforms’, 27 large-scale and site-specific installations and performances by leading and emerging artists from over 11 countries turning Collins Park into an outdoor exhibition space.
    7. UNBUILT: Design Miami/ Harvard GSD Pavilion
    8. Brooklyn’s Miami Project at the Deauville
    9. UNTITLED Radio on Wynwood Radio
    10. Carlo Cesta and Gallery on Wade at Scope and aqua/art miami.
    11. Tony Tasset’s Deer
    12. Miami Project at the Deauville
    13. Friedman Benda at Design Miami/
    14. Yufuku Gallery at Art Miami
  7. People Watching Everywhere
    • Hang out at these places (in ascending order of age):
      •  Wynwood
      • Tiki Bar presented by helper at UNTITLED
      • Standard, Delano, Shore Club
      • Food & Drink at Miami Project
      • Edition, Betsy, Redbury, Thompson
      • Michy’s Pop-up at the Botanical Garden
      • Art Miami in Midtown
      • Baptist Lobby (bad joke)
  1. You can’t see it all.
    1. Art Basel at the Convention Center is overwhelming. There is no escape or best time, because school groups swoop in on Thursday and Friday, while locals and tourists mob the place Saturday and Sunday. Best bet? Late Thursday afternoon.
  2. Transport: Good (insert expletive) luck. Welcome to the new LA while you sit in traffic in the complimentary shuttle.
  3. Dress Code: Complicated.
    1. Center of the Americas: Cosmopolitan and young.
    2. Capital of the Caribbean: Guayaberas, Huaraches, and Panamas.
    3. Direct flights from Europe means Acne Studios, Mykita shades, Denham denim, and Hien Le minimalism representing.
    4. The USA. Any mismatched sportswear will do.
    5. Hip: Ink and piercings welcome.
  4. Accessories: Basel and all of its satellites are unofficial Apple only zones.

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