High Hopes for the Success of the 2010 Membership Drive

By Chantal Gloor….
The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce has recently hit over its halfway mark in week 6 for the 2010 Membership Drive. The goal for the Drive is to accumulate $100,000 in membership dues for the Miami Beach Chamber by October 5th, 2010.  The winning team will be announced at the Annual Meeting of Members, and a prize will be awarded to the best sales person as well. The fearless captains for the four competing teams include: Board of Governors Chairman Aaron Perry, Board of Governors Chair-Elect Jason Loeb, Pillar Board Chairman Michael Goldberg, Jim Boucher from the Boucher Bothers’, Commissioner Jerry Libbin and Ana Cecilia Velasco, Chief Operating Officer of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. These captains have put their best foot forward and have prevailed each step of the way with signing up new members.
Membership interests have sky rocked since the beginning of the Membership Drive, with new added benefits such as:
• Priority to Monthly Networking Events, Annual Events, Workshops, Informational Seminars, and Council Meetings.
• Access to our interactive database allowing your business to list job openings, Hot Deals, Member-to-Member (M2M) Discounts and calendar events.
• Advertising opportunities available through the Miami Beach News.
• Receipt and access to our weekly newsletter and invitation to monthly member events and all events.
• Opportunities to be featured on the weekly Chamber radio program. Opportunities to sponsor and/or host one of our exciting events.
• Taking advantage of the Affinity program, which includes discounted rates at Office Depot, Staples, Data Mountain and much more.
• The Miami Beach INCard, a free value added card distributed to residents, visitors, convention groups and Port of Miami cruise passengers. As a member, this is an opportunity to provide a business promotion to give your business maximum exposure and expand your customer base.
The new benefits have attracted many Miami Beach businesses to join the Chamber. As each week passes the Miami Beach Chamber gets closer and closer to reaching its goal.
We encourage all parties interested in learning more on the “Power of Membership” to contact the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce for membership packets and sponsorship opportunities. The Chamber’s office is located at 1920 Meridian Avenue and the primary phone number is (305) 674-1300.

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