India International Film Festival comes to South Beach

India International Festival is here to take you into the magical world of India Indian films and Indian culture.

Through the India International film Festival attendees will be treated to the magic of Bollywood films, regional films, short films and documentaries. Spectators will also be able to preview movies created by film makers of Indian Origin from all over the globe. They are film makers, film actors who live in US, UK, Europe, in fact all over the world. Vivek Swaroop, also known as Victor, is the President of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin South Florida (GOPIO-SFL)

India is the largest producers of films in the world. In 2009 India made 1288 films. They are distributed to more than 90 countries. Expatriates all over the world enjoy Indian films. “I want to bring Indian films so that mainstream Americans can watch Indian Cinema too and experience India first hand.”

According to Victor, “I want to have this event as a gathering  place where people meet,  get together, experience the incredible India. They see the films, enjoy eating at beautiful restaurants, visit the art galleries, art museums, visit the high fashion and the fashion district, and stay at world class hotels. Have a total experience. “ Experience Indian films, culture and  the magic of Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami.

According to Victor, “It will serve as a platform for actors, actresses, independent film makers, film business entrepreneurs, govt. film departments, to come together and showcase their best talents in film making and enhance film business and entertainment industry.” “I want to be a catalyst to bring the Indian film industry to make films here locally”

Victor hails from Delhi, where he graduated from Delhi University in English literature. He was a professional theatre actor, did plays on All India Radio and Delhi Doordarshan TV. Went to Bombay and worked in making feature films advertising films. He became one of the top male models in India. He modeled for top brands in Bombay, men’s suitings, jeans, blades, nivea cream, and one of the top brands Chirag Din shirts. He came to Florida where he produced & hosted three hundred plus shows on Channel 17 Cable Tap. He has been organizing and coordinating cultural events in South Florida.

It is the dream work of Vivek Swaroop better known as Victor.  Victor adds “I have dreamed of putting the India Film Festival for a long time. It is coming to fruition now.  In India I used to attend Film Festivals in Delhi & Bombay and it was just an exhilarating experience, being able to watch the best curated films, one film after the other, participation in discussions, having conversations while sipping coffee. I did that here in Florida too, regularly attending the Miami Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival.  I even flew to New York for the Tribeca Film festival. Here I have regularly attended the Brazilian Film festival and other film festivals. I have been a regular at Cinematheque. All in all, films are in my soul and I love them, I love to see them and now I want to share them. That is why this India Film Festival Miami.”

Victor is the CEO/President of Outreach International Inc. and is the Founder/President of India International Film Festival Miami. Details will follow. Please call 954-394-5661 & visit

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