Introduction to Referral Institute Miami

Introduction to Referral Institute Miami

Kelly Fisher

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this column. This column will be about how to increase sales in your business, whether you are a business owner or a business professional such as a Realtor, Mortgage professional etc. Whether you own your company or not, you are in business for yourself. What this column will help you with is how to build a more profitable company.

Before we start talking about how to increase your sales, referrals, and how to build a profitable business, I think it would be appropriate to tell you about myself and the Referral Institute Miami. Referral Institute Miami is a worldwide franchise that started in 2002. It was founded by Dr. Ivan Misner, who also founded the world’s largest networking organization, a company called BNI.

The Referral Institute is in 14 different countries and has 50 plus franchisees. The Referral Institute Miami helps business owners create an exceptional, amazing life for themselves and their employees, while building a very profitable company and helping others achieve the same thing in the process. The Mission of Referral Institute Miami is to restore the human nature of social community to the marketplace through the development of planned, strategic business referral relationships by providing cutting-edge group education and impactful individualized coaching that enables business owners to build efficient and effective referral partner teams.

My name is Kelly Fisher and I am the owner of Referral Institute Miami. I grew up and spent most of my life in the great state of Alaska. I recently relocated to Miami in December of 2011. I was in real estate sales for many years before becoming a BNI franchisee in 2003. I have a BS degree in organizational behavior from Capella University and have owned my Referral Institute franchise for almost 5 years. What this means is I have almost a decade of experience in helping business owners create more sales, referrals, and build profitable companies.

I am also currently an assistant Director for Jeff Stay, of BNI Miami Dade. In addition to my own classes and trainings, I also conduct a monthly class in collaboration with the Miami Beach Chamber called the Executive Training Series.

Now that I have introduced you to Referral Institute Miami and myself, let me just say that I hope you continue to read this column on a regular basis as I believe it will hold great value for you if you are a business owner or business professional. In the ongoing column you will learn how to do business in a different way. In a way that will change your life and your business. Again I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I hope to see you back here for the next edition. Have a great day!

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