By Omer BarSadeh


If you own your own business – small, medium or large size – you’re probably working very hard.

For most people, running their own business is not an easy task. They have multiple hats to wear – some, which they have no idea about.

Omer BarSadeh, Executive Producer

Omer BarSadeh, Executive Producer

In addition to the Internet, technology in general evolved and became more available, allowing anyone to record music, edit films, create graphic art, write books, or anything else one desires – all from his own house, using equipment and resources he could never have found a few decades ago without spending a lot of money.

Video has become one of the biggest tokens in the business and technology game, and if you start using it properly, youʼll greatly increase your chances of winning that game, and soon.



Did you ever watch the video “Charlie bit me”? If you did, you’re one of more than hundreds of millions views the video has received in a few years. If not, search for it on YouTube, and join the club.

The Internet brought new ways to market and advertise, especially videos or clips that become popular and shared by many viewers, in a short time. People find them funny, interesting, overwhelming or simply important enough to make sure their friends, families or colleagues will watch it too.

There are no definitions or guidelines as to what the video should look like, how long it would be, or whether it should be spoken dialog or just written text. What will make the difference will be the content? Posting it on specific websites – ones that your target audience frequents – will get the viewers to do the work for you by spreading it themselves.

There are many websites that allow posting videos for free. There are blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other amazing platforms that give you FREE advertising, and to an unlimited audience.



When creating a viral video, you should keep in mind that it should be catchy and relatively short. While planning and creating a concept for it, define your audience so you can better reach them.

Funny stuff is always popular, and if the joke lands, your video could become a hit and reach hundreds of thousands of viewers. If it’s really excellent, it has the potential to reach millions, hundreds of millions, and more!

If you understand the concept of a viral video, you’ll be able to use your successful video to leverage your message. You can encourage people to learn more, visit a site, make a call or whatever you decide. You can ask them to join a mailing list that will send them updates or more videos every now and then. If they like you, they will follow.

The viral video is one of the most unique and extremely powerful new ways to advertise. Vision can help ( With years of experience in Video Branding and Marketing, Vision has created dozens of successful campaigns that got attention, leading to increases in client base and sales.


For assistance with creating your video – from a generic idea to the final product, please contact Vision at or call 305.509.2527


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