Marta Sanchez: La Diva, La Mujer

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Intimate Exclusive with ELLAS TV


Her steps leave a mark wherever she walks, this time Miami Beach is the witness.  The Eden Rock Hotel in Miami Beach has much of the Art Deco style that Marta Sánchez adores.  She observes, smiling, always seductive, arrives for an intimate conversation with friend and producer Briggith Ripamonti from Ellas TV. She is ready to talk woman-to-woman to share her secrets of how she looks beautiful at 50, a time in which she no longer worries about showing something but rather does what make her feel happy. Her deep and immensely black eyes, say it all, they can approach or they can create distance. Her gaze lets us know if she is ready or if something worries her. It is the first filter between her and the rest of the world.  “I like to control everything, not delegate,” says the amazing singer. When everything is perfect and organized, it flows in a magical way, she is demanding, a very professional woman who gives one hundred percent when she works, before she can relax. She is also a woman with a fun child in her who plays with the photographer in each chosen location … giving everything … or at times nothing, there is no middle ground…. that’s Marta Sanchez.

Born in Madrid, Spain, music has always been part of her life. Daughter of a musician, Antonio Sanchez Camporro, a well-known bass player in the world of opera. She’s the goddaughter of Alfredo Krauz, a great Spanish tenor, wisely chosen, so with this background, Marta Sanchez grew up always linked to music. At age 14 she sang on TV for the first time, years later she became the lead singer at Olé Olé, reaching the 90s with great popularity. Over time, she moved on to a solo career that would evolve and become Marta Sanchez … to the world. After several hours of Photoshoot …  she is already relaxed, we wait in the hotel room.  She is dressed in earthy colors … her favorites … the make-up is being applied to match her new outfit, and as a good hostess, she asks us if it would bother us if she ate… while we talk … she smiles … She is tired but happy.


How is 2018, for you?… and what projects do you have for 2019?

“This is a year of hard work, presentations, traveling and tours.  I left Miami and I have not stopped.  I love connecting with my Latin audience, they always open their hearts for me; I missed them, so I decided to return, to give them this intimate concert, full of incredible new songs. I went to Argentina to sing with my Spanish colleagues’ singers from Spain, women artists I admire and feel proud to share the stage with these talented women at the prestigious Colon Theater in front of a full house and in the presence of President Macri.  It was a real gift for my career.”  “But it’s not the only project this year”, she says it smiling, “Since I’m brave, I’ve launched my new career as an independent producer … It’s a spiritual journey.  I feel proud of this new project; I wrote songs like The one that never gives up (La Que Nunca Se Rinde); Now I Command (Ahora Mando Yo); and many other collaborations.” The view of the Miami Beach sea is the perfect setting, while we enjoy the sun come down, sharing a warm tea. She is a woman who inspires strength with his gaze, but also a touch of romance, which gives us the impression that she has a great nostalgia from her life in Madrid.  “At my fifty! I realized that I need less to live, it’s a stage of values that do me good … I do not want many things … Now I do what I want, I live as I want.  I like the life I led and the one I lead. I accept what I chose and what a left behind.  What does not work for me, I let go.”  She shares a subtle smile, almost, as she continues. “I lead a nomadic life.  I do not have a routine … everything is changing.  My career and my life is mine … No longer I want to feel slaved to the image …. That is not healthy … I accept me … and let go the rest, the image and the fakes… Being me makes me feel good, makes me strong … And helps me be a better person with others.”

What does Marta regret?

“Not having dedicated more time to my career.  And the same thing happens with my life … It’s like a contradiction … In both things I feel I lacked more time … But what God wanted is what it was, look at a fixed point in the immensity of the Miami beach sea … It becomes reflective …  “It was normal, so to speak, but when my sister died”, her only sister, her twin, her balance, Paz, only 38 years old … after fighting many years with cancer…” I became agnostic. I asked GOD not to take her … I begged him … But he did not listen to me, that made me angry and I began to live without a God … ” And then?  “With time … life taught me … With the breaking up with a great love. I reconciled … It seemed strange, but another type of pain … made me go back to him to God.”  “I came to live in Miami as a result of a failed romance. We tried but the love fizzled, but we had bought a house in Miami together over the internet.  We hardly ever visited and it sat empty like our hearts.   I do not stay for half of shared things.   I felt like I should come to Miami … That was written … So, I did come alone, to live in a house that was initially bought for another purpose.  It was then without knowing that God returned to my life … I arrived home alone. I opened the door and that moment was revealing, an image of two open arms waiting for me, offering me their comfort and help. That was a sign … So here I ended up staying for two years.

What women in music do you admire?

“Barbara Streisand, Olivia Newton-John, I have admired them all my life, they have been part of my inspiration in music.:


Do you do therapy …?

“Family, friends, work … are the things I choose at this stage … That’s my best therapy.”   I’ve already did what I was told for too long … I have to earn my living … I have a strong personality … I do not want to do what they tell me … It’s not rebellious … it’s security … it’s a personal decision.  I’m a brave woman.  I have character … But many times, I used to let others decide for me, sometimes because it was easier of felt more comfortable, less risky. But this is no longer good at this stage of my life.” Marta is a loving woman, mother of her beautiful daughter Paula 14, already a teenager.  She is an active ambassador to the Susan G Komen Foundation, organization she joined to honor her deceased twin sister.  Now after two years in Miami, Marta and her daughter are returning to Spain to their roots, where their friends and family await with embracing open arms. Today she is proud of herself… She does not want to be silent anymore.  She wants to be a good role model to her daughter, her biggest inspiration. She just took a vacation after 10 years of not stop work … Something is happening … something is changing in her that she does not want to lose … Marta Sanchez … Today … in the best moment of her life.


Producer: Nearctic LLC
Creative Director: Briggith Ripamonti
Photography:  Geraldine Pavan

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