Meet Nikki Beach Corporate Executive Chef Brian Malloy

Meet Nikki Beach Corporate Executive Chef Brian MalloyQ: Describe your cuisine?
A: The cuisine at Nikki Beach is, in part, inspired by our locations around the world. Many of our locations have a very rich and distinct culinary tradition, such as Spain and Thailand, so it is very important that we pay homage to those locations at our flagship Miami venue. While we are not afraid to take risks with exotic, culturally rich food, our tenet has always been simple, pure flavors and high quality ingredients. Most of our produce is flown in from our farm in North Carolina and all of our seafood is extremely fresh as we take advantage of our South Florida surroundings and the variety of fresh fish and crustaceans that are available to us here.

Q: What makes your restaurant stand out among the res t ?
A: Nikki Beach is not only about fresh and delicious food….we are about a way of life. What we offer here is something rarely found in our constantly “on the go world” – a chance to get a taste of the sweet life, a place where you can go and be with friends and family surrounded by an atmosphere that is exquisite and relaxing. We also have a world renowned reputation for throwing amazing parties and events. Nikki Beach is the sort of place where you can come in for lunch and end up staying until the wee hours of the night, finally leaving with a smile on your face and likely a few new friends. Nikki Beach Miami is also Known for One of the Best Sunday Brunches’ around, with over eight live show-cooking stations and a dozen self-serve stations. After 4pm when the brunch is over, we kick straight into party mode until 5am, it’s called “Amazing Sundays” for a reason.”

Meet Nikki Beach Corporate Executive Chef Brian Malloy

Chef Malloy

Q: If you had to pick JUST one dish – you HAD to try on your menu – which one would it be and why?
A: Oh my….it’s impossible for a Chef to answer that! Ha ha ha…. But, here are a few new dishes that I’m very excited about! The Rustic Bloody Mary Tuna Ceviche, Koh Samui Beef Tataki, “Nikki Farm” Roasted Beet Salad and Tuna Tostada.

Q: What exciting events/ideas/ concepts do you have planned this year?
A: We are about to launch our new Nikki Beach Miami Menu with a lot of innovative fresh dishes inspired by many of our Locations around the world. In March I will be heading to France for the Cannes Film Festival where we partner up with the Carlton Hotel to provide the Red Carpet Rich and Famous with the Nikki Beach Experience; then to St Tropez to set up the Kitchen for Season. We are also Opening Nikki Beach in Porto Pele, Greece and Nikki Beach in Bali. I will also be spending some time in our three locations in Spain (Marbella, Mallorca and Ibiza). It’s going to be a whirlwind, but I am very excited about it. That’s the greatest thing about this company, we are always on the move…we start trends, we don’t follow.

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