Miami Beach Becomes First City to Adopt Sustainable, Smart Water Stations

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The City of Miami Beach is pleased to announce that the eco- friendly company Woosh is giving bottled water the boot and providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use plastic. Woosh will be deploying 25 of its smart water stations throughout the city.

“Woosh is thrilled to debut its innovative smart water stations in Miami Beach – the first location for our service,” said CEO and Co-Founder Itay Tayas Zamir. “With its forward-thinking perspective and concern for the environment, Miami Beach serves as the perfect city to change the way people drink water in public space. Woosh invites both residents and visitors alike to make Miami Beach a plastic bottle-free city.”

The state-of-the-art water stations offer two services to those looking to refresh on the go: unique bottle rinsing, sanitizing, and refilling. Users can virtually take any bottle or cup of their own, up to 32 ounces, and fill it with chilled, ultra-purified water for a fraction of the price of bottled beverages – all without creating any plastic waste. Each station also offers a self-cleaning function to ensure clean, high-quality water. Keeping individuals healthy and hydrated, the stations not only encourage sustainable water consumption, they provide enhanced pedestrian experience to improve the city’s walkability and encourage more consistent and prolonged outdoor activity.

“We’re excited about the range of impact from the Woosh service, especially when it comes to reducing waste” expressed Director of Environment & Sustainability Elizabeth Wheaton. “Less plastic bottles consumed means less plastic bottles polluting our beaches and waterways or disrupting our stormwater systems.”

Measuring and reporting the total number of bottles saved from landfills, Woosh’s high- tech, integrated network provides data to municipal partners and individuals in real-time– giving them a full scope of their impact. With knowledge of the community’s conscious contribution and the total number of carbon emissions reduced city-wide, the analytics will give the city the opportunity to maximize on their environmental initiatives moving forward.

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