Miami Beach Buildings Need Preventive Maintenance — NOW

Miami Beach is home to a vibrant assortment of people from all walks of life. From the extravagantly wealthy to the struggling artist, this city sees it all. Miami Beach residents, however, have more in common than just a nice tan, an appetite for fitness, and an exciting nightlife. Buildings that house residents and businesses are all susceptible to attacks from the marine environment. Saltwater spray, humidity, and a relentless sun all play a large part in the rapid deterioration of building elements. Implementing preventative maintenance measures in buildings is an important step to keep this city’s infrastructure intact and its citizens safe.

Inspection. Detection. Correction. These are three main components needed in a good preventative maintenance program. Miami is a world made of concrete, and concrete, without fail, cracks. Periodic inspection of a building is needed to detect these cracks and correct them before they lead to more severe cracking and significant damage. Cracks that occur in exterior paint and waterproofing materials also need to be addressed similarly. If left uncorrected, these cracks can lead to water intrusion, concrete detachment, and corrosion of steel reinforcement. This compromises the structural integrity of the building.

Water intrusion is a common issue throughout South Florida condominiums and residences. Water moves in mysterious ways and will find any means necessary to make it inside your home. It can easily navigate its way through even the smallest of cracks, holes, and openings. The results of water intrusion vary from damaged drywall to dangerous mold growth in your home. Outside your home, water can travel behind the exterior cladding of a building (often made of stucco, a cement plaster) and cause the material to detach. Not only is the possibility of having stucco fall upon your head dangerous, but underlying structural materials are left exposed to the harsh saltwater atmosphere. The steel reinforcement embedded within concrete can rust and concrete can crack, chip, and detach. These damages, which are too often encountered, can be avoided by: Inspection. Detection. Correction. Resealing cracks, cleaning rusted areas, and retouching paint finishes on buildings keep Miami Beach homes safer. Not to mention better looking, too.

Engineering services like those provided by M2E Consulting Engineers can help building managers and homeowners implement preventative maintenance measures. M2E Consulting Engineers is a full-service engineering firm dedicated to helping protect buildings from premature deterioration and water intrusion. They provide design and inspection services, concrete and stucco restoration, and painting and waterproofing restoration protocols to some of the most luxurious highrise condominiums throughout South Florida. Their clients include The Grand Venetian, Caribbean Condominium, and The Setai. Among other services, the company also provides forensic engineering services, such as investigating water intrusion sources and providing practical engineering solutions to problems.

Preventative maintenance measures throughout Miami Beach are necessary to keep this lively city looking good and feeling safe. If your residential building looks like it needs some TLC, take an active role in bringing attention to the need for preventative maintenance – now.

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  1. what about calming down SOME ridiculous code violations imposed on many buildings ,that are really struggling to fix major problems you people sit and do nothing in favor for them, but impose strick codes for profit ,,,

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