Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Dept. earns Water Conservation Award

Audubon Florida presented the Miami- Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) its annual Excellence in Water Conservation Award recently during a Miami-Dade County Commission meeting. The award celebrates outstanding dedication to caring for Florida’s water resources and promoting water conservation for the environment.

“One of the most important things we can do for the Everglades is to conserve water,” said Eric Draper, executive director of Audubon Florida.

“Miami-Dade County’s water conservation program, ‘Use Less,’ exemplifies this commitment to water conservation through quantifiable results.” Miami-Dade County’s reduction of water usage as a result of conservation has been outstanding. Residents and visitors in Miami-Dade County have helped conserve an estimated 10 million gallons per day, exceeding the water savings goal by 39 percent since the implementation of the 20- year water conservation plan in 2007. Miami-Dade County’s program also sets longer term goals. By 2017, the county projects they will save 14.25 million gallons of water per day.

“We are conscious of needing to be good stewards of one of our most precious natural resources — water,” said WASD director John Renfrow. “Not only do we have to provide safe, potable drinking water to more than 2.3 million customers and visitors each day, but we have to ensure that there is water available for future generations.”

That’s where WASD’s conservation programs and the public can continue to help “use less.” The department offers free high efficiency showerheads when residents exchange them for older models, as well as high efficiency toilet rebates and landscape irrigation evaluations.

For more information on these and other WASD programs, visit or call 3-1-1.

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