Peace Day and the unveiling of the ‘Peace Pole’ and the ‘Peace Meditation Tree’

The City of Miami Beach Community Relations Board is proud to announce Peace Day which will include the Unveiling of the ‘Peace Pole’ and the ‘Peace Meditation Tree,’ Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 3 p.m. at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Brad Steven Fleet, Chair of the Miami Beach Community Relations Board, states that “one of the most important goals of the Board is to help make our City a better place to live, one person at a time. That being said, it is an honor and a privilege to unveil two new community projects, which were envisioned by Margorie York and Peace Pilgrim 3.” A description of the inspiration behind the upcoming event follows, as described by Margorie York and Peace Pilgrim 3:


Although flowers and shrubs are usually planted in the garden, something very special is being put in the ground at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The Miami Beach Community Relations Board is inviting everyone to the dedication ceremony of a ‘Peace Pole’ and the planting of a ‘Peace Meditation Tree’ on Sunday October 27th at 3pm.

Mayor Matti Bower will proclaim that day as ‘Peace Day’ in Miami Beach. Miami Beach will be honoring Mayor Matti Herrera Bower at the event. Our ‘Peace Pole is an original hand crafted monument created by ‘Sunflower Society’s’ art teachers Winsome Bolt and Denise Marlow.

It will serve as a permanent reminder for people to live in harmony with one another; peace related events will be able to take place at the site in years to come.

Renowned community leader Rev. Dr. Walter T. Richardson will be the keynote speaker. He currently serves as chairman of the Miami Dade Community Relations Board and is part of the Goodwill Ambassador initiative. He is always at the scene to ensure that disputes of any nature are resolved peacefully. All of the eight feeder pattern schools as well as youngsters from many after school programs are participating in this noteworthy day by writing brief essays or creating a symbolic drawing of peace. All of the entries will be displayed at the gardens on the day of the event.


‘Kindness is the Action of Love’ ‘Peace Pilgrim 3’ following in the footsteps of the original ‘Peace Pilgrim’ who walked across America 7 times over 25 years in the name of PEACE originated the concept of the ‘Peace Meditation Tree,’ which will grow into a huggable 30’ high symbol of the love and kindness when we all work together towards peace and kindness. It will allow people of all nations to gather in the wonder and stillness of nature and meditate upon kindness and action towards peace and love.

We have the pleasure of inviting 11 year Acacia Woodley of ‘Tiny Girl, Big Dream’ to speak with us. Acacia saw at the age of 10 that children needed a way to reach out to one another in kindness and friendship and through these concepts bring an end to bullying and violence in our schools. She was inspired by the incredible beauty and strength she found when the focus was placed in the very best in each of us, rather than those things that make us different. She created a ‘Friendship Bench’ to provide a place for all to go when they need a friend or someone to talk with. She has now placed over 30 benches into schools in Florida and is working to have one in every school across the nation.

We invite you to contemplate on your own version of a ‘Peace Initiative.’ We suggest you meditate for your own inspired concept and then put your idea into action with Kindness and Love. You can do it. We did. Remember, “from little acorns grow big oak trees.”

On behalf of the entire Community Relations Board, we hope you can attend this inspirational and “feel good” event, and let us all celebrate ‘Peace Day’ in Miami Beach by gathering around the ‘Peace Pole’ and ‘Peace Meditation Tree.’

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