Read or don’t read? Read this: Sobe writer combines film and fiction in his science fiction adventure , The Loop.

What is the book about?

A deep space mission in search of habitable planets stumbles onto a discovery. They learn the secret of how everything in the universe works. Rather than being enlightened they are engulfed in fear. Their new mission is to maintain the system. Only one man can stop it and set us free, but only if he can’t trust himself.

Talk about the style of the book and how this affects readers.

The Loop is a science fiction book that breaks and bridges established norms. Traditionally novels have been long in depth looks into the emotions and motivations behind a person’s actions throughout an engaging story. Movies are fast paced, visual stories that hook you quickly and entertain. The Loop combines the best of both worlds capturing readers through a quick and compelling tale that entertains while still having enough character substance to create a connection to it’s main characters. The book was written with the goal of capturing both avid and resistant readers. If you are looking for a break from long slow developing novels or don’t have the time to read a book, this is for you.

What was your inspiration?

I have always had a love for science fiction and adventure movies and books. The limitless world that they can explore using our imaginations is one that intrigued me. Outside of great writers like Orson Scott Card and James Rollins the other major inspiration to me is my family. They have really supported and encouraged me to chase dreams and think outside the box.

Do you have a favorite spot to write?

Since moving to Miami Beach I have explored and tried writing all over South Beach. The most inspirational spot for me had been South Point Park and the beach itself. Many key plot decisions were made while running the white sand.

How does living in Miami Beach affect your writing?

I have Miami Beach to thank for my life and future as a writer. The second I moved here I felt something I hadn’t before. The city is alive with art and a sense of creation. Living here I knew I had to start writing a book. For years this book and many others have bounced around my head but only after coming to Miami Beach did I take action and start typing.

Are the characters in your book based off anyone in your life?

The characters are loosely based off my life and family at times, but only in personality traits. It’s impossible to not add the strength of a sister into a female character or the loyalty of a friend into the main character’s best friend. The people around me have made me who I am today, so they also come out in my writing.

What are your future plans for your writing career? Another book to come?

I’m addicted to writing. After I started writing The Loop more and more stories started to fill my head. Ghosts of past dreams came piling into my mind. I plan to write more stories and eBooks until I die or run out of stories. The next book I come out with will be the first of a series looking at the good and bad the Apocalypse would bring in different scenarios.

Where can readers find your book?

The Loop is currently an Amazon Kindle Exclusive and can be found in the Kindle Store under my name Richard Leru.

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