RealConnex Revolutionizes Real Estate

RealConnex is the newest internet based relationship tool that is revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry. Imagine combining and Facebook for the 20 million Real Estate professionals who execute $1.2 trillion in real estate transactions annually. RealConnex is the first site of its type for the marketplace connecting opportunities to the right capital, clients, investments, services and people. Use RealConnex to find profiled real estate investors, lenders, advisors, JV partners and all the other professional services needed regardless of the deal size.

RealConnex allows members to build powerful professional networks around their companies ,individual products, projects or services matching professionals to capital, lenders, JV’s, services and each other in real time. RealConnex reduces the time and cost of raising capital, identifying partners, services and business opportunities; more deals and much faster and in ways never possible before.

RealConnex is the brainchild of Roy Abrams; a developer, tech magnate and entrepreneur. When Roy decided to developed luxury condominiums in Miami, he recognized he had a need to duplicate his non U.S. relationship structure in a concise and specific manner. Without his traditional go to people to reach out to, was born.

RealConnex is a modern, secure and sophisticated tool for doing business. It will help grow your business and improve the economics of transactions in ways that were never possible before. The Result: More Deals…Much Faster. All the partners you need to do the deal are on the site in a safe, secure environment.

Use RealConnex to find profiled real estate advisors that provide your specific service, for your asset class, geographic location and transaction size.

Once a personal profile is created for the individual, the company and the projects, each member is matched with the very specific criteria that they have created. Use the chat rooms to share immediate needs, open data to create the deal, post RFPs, the News Funnel to disseminate the most current information on your business and if time is critical, RealConnex Concierge can manage your platform monthly. RealConnex is private, confidential and vets their members.

Being at the for-front of technology is what RealConnex is about. Anyone in all sectors of the Real Estate industry MUST be involved. It will we believe change our world. Go to and begin your revolutionary way of doing business.

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