Rescued Yellowstone Osprey to be Released in Miami Beach

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Earlier this year a Western Osprey made a rare flight across the country from its home in Yellowstone National Park. After exactly one month of care, the now healthy predator will be released into the wild on Thursday, December 14.

Eighteen-year Miami Beach Police veteran Traci Sierra found the injured bird unable to perch or stand. Sierra, a devout animal lover, brought the weak, winged creature to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

“Pelican Harbor Seabird Station has helped with numerous animals that we have come across in need of medical care,” shared Sierra, who personally made a donation to the organization thanking them for their help with the Osprey. “Without their support and care for our native wildlife, many of these animals in need would not survive.”

Serving the wildlife community since 1980, the animal rehabilitation center treats over 1,500 patients annually – nursing a majority of native species. Recognizing the non-profit’s successful efforts throughout the years, the City of Miami Beach recently awarded the organization with a

$15,000 grant to educate the general public and train city employees on humane resolution of human-wildlife conflicts.

The young, wayward raptor was one of 375 birds banded in the nest by scientists at Yellowstone National Park last summer in an effort to stabilize the population. A majority of the birds migrated down to Texas and Mexico, one was observed in Costa Rica and this special visitor migrated to Miami Beach – marking the easternmost return for an Osprey.

“We are deeply grateful to Officer Traci Sierra who acted quickly in safely securing the bird,” expressed Executive Director at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station Christopher Boykin. “Considering 11 percent of our patients come from Miami Beach, we celebrate the partnership we have with the city and the many injured birds they have rescued and transported for us over the years. Having a small facility, it’s important for us to work in conjunction with other organizations, especially wildlife facilities. In the case of this Osprey from Yellowstone, our friends at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center provided the large flight cage for the final portion of patient 1342’s rehabilitation.”

Join the City of Miami Beach and long-time partner Pelican Harbor Seabird Station for a public release recognizing the remarkable journey of the resilient animal.

WHEN: Thursday, December 14 at 10 a.m.

WHERE: Maurice Gibb Memorial Park 1700 Purdy Avenue

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