Restored Digital Solutions Friendly to your Budget and Environment

By Nancy Eagleton….
Restored Digital Solutions provides South Florida businesses, big and small, with highquality restored copiers, printers and fax machines at affordable prices. The compa¬ny’s restoration process ensures the highest level of equipment per¬formance, its eco-friendly solu¬tions can save companies thou¬sands of dollars and its superior customer service separates it from the competition.

“Our quality recycled equipment can cost 30-40 percent less than new machines and we can meet or even exceed the new equipment guarantee,” said Gustavo Hermida, President and CEO, who runs Restored Digital Solutions with business partner, Mike Martin, vice president of service and operations.

Restored Digital Solutions (RDS) buys topnotch equipment that has reached the end of a short lease agreement or has been repos¬sessed. The company carries 800 to 1,000 world class brand machines, including copiers by Canon, Toshiba, Konica Minolta and Ricoh, in its 20,000 square foot warehouse located in the Doral area. All of the equipment goes through a rigorous 77-point restoration certification process to return it to its original condition.

With over 30 years of experi¬ence in the industry, RDS has developed some best practice solu¬tions to increase office efficiency and help companies grow. To determine your company’s equip¬ment and technology needs, RDS begins with a consultation. During this process, your company’s cur¬rent printing and copying costs are analyzed and a Managed Print Services Report is generated. This report introduces cost efficient dig¬ital document management solu¬tions and incorporates green con¬cepts that promote less printing.

“Business strategies and technol¬ogy are changing and companies need to keep up,” said Hermida. “For example, the medical field has to convert to digital records over the next few years, as mandated by the federal government. We have solutions to help offices accomplish this and if they convert soon, they can realize the benefit right away and also receive the rebates offered by the government.”

RDS understands the challenges that businesses are faced with in today’s economy, which is why the company offers innovative and flexible financing programs.

“Credit is tight and small com¬panies often can’t qualify for the financing, so we do our own financing. When the banks say no, we say yes,” said Hermida.

RDS equipment is backed by its Platinum Maintenance Agreement, an all-inclusive service agreement that provides clients with a fixed, known monthly cost. The agree¬ment includes all of the equipment consumables, such as toner, pro¬vides regular proactive maintenance to minimize any equipment down¬time and guarantees a two to four-hour response time on service calls.

If equipment cannot be repaired on the spot, RDS will supply a free loaner immediately. If RDS cannot maintain your office equipment in excellent working order, it will be replaced with a comparable printer or copier system. The goal at RDS is to minimize your worry and max¬imize your productivity.

“We pride ourselves with extraordinary customer service and that’s the part that cannot be matched,” said Hermida.

“Restore, reuse and recycle” is the motto at RDS. Not only does restored equipment meet today’s business needs, it keeps machines out of landfills and reduces the need for raw materials to produce more.

The print and document man¬agement solutions offered at RDS are not only cost effective, but also eco-friendly and can transform offices into paperless environments.

For information on Restored Digital Solutions, send an email to, visit www.restoreddigital¬ or call 305-468¬9965.

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