Saving Taxpayers money is a beautiful thing

Owner Christian Infante directing hedge trimming.

If you drive anywhere from South Pointe Park to North Beach and see a beautiful plant, hedge or newly trimmed lawn in a city parking lots or garages, then thank your city leaders for not only making the city look beautiful, but possibly saving you money. In an effort to trim the budget, city leaders search for landscape service companies to outsource. As a result, it contracted several companies including SFM Services, Inc. a landscape maintenance and litter control company with nearly 40 years of experience and ties to Miami Beach, to upkeep the grounds and landscape all city parking lots, easements and right of ways from 1st Street up to 88th Street.

SFM Services additionally was contracted to mow, landscape, edge, irrigate and keep clean not only Star and Terminal Islands, but both residential and business area in the Normandy section of Miami Beach. Just this area alone is saving taxpayers more than $300,000 a year or $1.6 million every five years, according to the official city contract. The city’s 2010/2011 budget also shows a five-year, projected combined savings for the entire city’s landscape maintenance of over $6 million dollars.

“Our company is devoted to making cities and properties look beautiful,” said Christian Infante, Vice President of SFM Services, Inc. “When someone mentions how nicely kept the lawn is or how great the landscaping looks on Collins and 46th Street, we couldn’t be happier because we take pride in our work,” added Infante.

In fact, during a 2009 City of Miami Beach survey, residents named cleanliness as an important city service.

SFM Services, Inc. is one of the top landscaping companies in the area. SFM Services also provides complete janitorial and security guard services.

SFM Services, Inc. Helps Beautify Miami Beach and Save Taxpayers Money.

SFM is also responsible for the landscape appearance of other cities such as: City of Coral Gables, Doral, Miramar, and Sunny Isles. Founded by Jose Infante in 1972, SFM Services has grown into a powerhouse in landscape maintenance and litter control. The company employs hundreds of people and even has certified, full-time arborists on staff.

The company is proud of its work, but also about its ties to the Miami Beach community, including membership in two of the top business organizations in the city. SFM Services, Inc. is a Pillar member of the Miami Beach Chamber and is also part of BNI Miami Beach, a one-group per profession networking and business referral group. BNI Miami Beach generated more than $7 million dollars in business last year.

So the next time you stop and smell the roses or at least notice how pretty the lawn beneath them is, remember there’s a SFM crew working hard to make sure Miami Beach is a beautiful place to live.

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