Social Media: The Mobile Approach

By Sze Lee….

Sze Lee

In the past, cell phones were used for the sole purpose of making and receiving calls, but thanks to the invention of the smart phone, mobile devices are now used for so much more. As Tim Parsey, VP of Motorola PCS puts it, “The mobile communication device is now an essential tool to enrich relationships, entertain, provide seamless productivity and has become a focal point to express individuality.” In an effort to give consumers a greater capability to communicate, almost all smart phones include WiFi and social networking apps.

So what does that mean for your business? Mobile marketing is becoming one of the best platforms to advertise and market your brand. Mobile marketing allows you the capability to send coupons, text messages, or connect to an elaborate SMS application or API. The transformation of cell phones to smart-phones has also expanded the opportunity to create innovative campaigns or announcements that can reach your target audience anywhere in the world. For example, is a location- based social networking website that provides software for mobile devices. Users “check in” at venues using a website, text or device-specific application. Awards, points and badges are given depending on the consumer’s frequency at a location or promotional terms. Because of this, has become an overnight success with over 5 million users worldwide! found a way to merge social media and mobile marketing into a powerful tool to expand both reach and frequency. As technology advances, the way you market your business will need to change as well.

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