Thank You Note From Calvin Kohli


Calvin Kohli is honored to have received the Better Beach Citizen Gold Award by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Better Beach Awards. Kohli thanks the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, where he proudly sits on the Board of Governors, City National Bank and the nominating committee for selecting and awarding him. Kohli also congratulates all the other nominees and finalist in all the other categories.

Moving from New York around twenty years ago, Kohli made Miami Beach his home. He did not attend Miami Beach High School, did not have any friends or family residing in South Florida, nor did he know anyone here on the beach, but that did not deter him to be active in the community.  Getting involved and giving back to the community is in Kohli’s core that gives him a sense of existence, an obligation that is a fundamental necessity for him. Staying engaged without any political aspirations, he has continued to participate at all levels where he can make a difference, as he believes that every big change begins from small efforts.

Miami Beach is evolving and is a dynamic city with some pressing issues like the rising sea level, crime, etc. Hence, he encourages community members as well as businesses to stay actively involved in participating in positive changes to enhance the community. Today, Calvin Kohli is proud to be part of the Miami Beach community. The experiences that have crossed his path, the people that he has met are blessings that bring great satisfaction to him and encourages him to continue to give back to his city and community as long as he lives.

In conclusion, Calvin Kohli thanks everyone involved for his recognition and wishes to share this award with everyone who is actively involved in the pursuit of a safer and a better Miami Beach.

Thank You,

Calvin Kohli



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3 Comments on "Thank You Note From Calvin Kohli"

  1. Peter Previti | May 20, 2018 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Congrats Calvin. The recognition is well deserved.

  2. Emily Weiss | May 21, 2018 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    You definitely deserved this !! Congrats again !

  3. Jason Carnahan | May 29, 2018 at 3:38 am | Reply

    Congrats Calvin !

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