The Rise of STUDIOKAZA in Miami’s Design Culture

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Paola D’Aquino is a well-established Interior designer from Sao Paulo Brazil who found her way to America and is currently sharing her enriching style amongst her clients. Paola works with big names in the industry of architecture and home décor. She lived in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and during that time earned herself a degree in advertising and interior design. Following that she became a manager of an upscale store in Rio. When she moved back to Sao Paulo, she became the owner of two custom design stores that both resided in the utmost popular locations in the capital. Paola was driven to move to Miami to be close to family and is now the founder and CEO of Studiokaza. The intention behind Studiokaza is to bring the many years of expertise that Paola has gained from Brazil over to the United States along with offering support to other professionals in the industry of interior design and architecture.

This Company takes many roles in helping clients establish their dream surroundings including, décor, wallpaper, flooring, lighting, window treatment, audiovisual, home automation, custom kitchen and closets, baby décor room and any remodeling. StudioKaza has a new and improved space that will be representing many furniture brands from Brazil and other parts of the world with an e-commerce to offer wholesale and retail to attend any clientele. StudioKaza has all the infrastructure to serve its clients in the North American market, along with the logistics, marketing, and an exemplifying showroom. Studiokaza’s mission is to transfer the eloquent, upscale furniture from different countries to North America to introduce a different style that is both elevating and engaging.

One thing that makes this company different is that it works with any client on their own individual budget to make sure their needs are met to all of their standards and desires with outstanding flexibility. Studiokaza’s goal is to ensure each client has the experience of a one-stop shop in order to make their experience that much more simple and enjoyable. This company consists of a group of professionally trained people who will attend all needs. This well-equipped staff speaks many different languages and each member has a versatile skill set; having a husband that is an engineer along with a group of outstanding professionals that will ensure clients have the best possible service has aided Paola to create an amazing company that turns peoples space into an environment of remarkable taste and comfort.

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