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This Week on BeachWitch WayBeachWitch Way is the green path for the best local EcoFriendly services, sustainable products, and community events. This week, as BeachWitch flew around Miami she spotted some ‘Green Magic’: in an amazing cold soup from a crazy “Tio”, with a French glutton in South Pointe, who sent his pets for some FunPawCare with a local vegan CEO (Canine Executive Officer) who was Standing Among Friends near a Jungle Island, discussing an Electric Pear in Halloween costumes from ‘Out of the Closet’, to join Sabrina’s Circle (no relation to Sabrina the Teenage Witch) before one of those awesome beachcomber ECOMB-er events this fall or just in time for the latest Movie on the Wall!

Tio Gazpacho shocked Miami this month by introducing a line of all-vegan all natural all-healthy all-amazing Gazpacho soups that are ready to serve whenever you crave something wonderful! Move over smoothie and step aside, there is a newer, healthier, more awesome option available for those of us who need a healthy ‘fast’ food made from ‘slow’ ingredients by hand. Austin Allen stunned us all when he created a tantalizing array of different Gazpachos made from all natural local ingredients that not only embody the essence of healthy eating but also satisfy the finest of palates. From classic tomato based, to almond and even spinach varieties, this Gazpacho has perfected the standard and redefined it for a whole new generation. Check out TioGazpacho.Com to learn more about this terrific local business and become an instant fan of this fantastic classic soup!

La Gluttonerie, the extraordinary and wonderful restaurant located in South Pointe is not only one of the most delectable places to dine while south of the border, but is also taking the lead amongst restaurants in all Miami by offering take out and meal leftovers to patrons in Biodegradable EcoFriendly To-Go containers that won’t end up in a landfill or swirling in the ocean! Thank You for showing SoBe that you care! We applaud you for not providing a disposable item that has a nearly permanent lifespan— and we hope all restaurants will follow this shining star in Miami!

FunPawCare was spotted attending the recent LightsOutEvent sponsored by StandAmongFriends.Org. When this vegan CEO is not attending charitable dinners in SoBe he is attending to our pets in the most eco-friendly of ways—By walking them and caring for them! Can you believe it? No machines, No motors, No Co2 emissions, Just a friendly pet care expert and taking the finest care of your beloved pet when you require the finest care. Check out www.FunPawCare.Com for more info and to learn all about the CEO-Canine Executive Officer Mr.Russell Hartstein.

Pear Energy is revolutionizing the alternative energy scene in Miami by offering clean wind power offset energy, impeccable customer service, and effortless connection! When you choose Pear, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but also investing in the research, development, and implementation of wind farm renewable energies that provide jobs, healthier air, and cleaner energy. Even better, there is no contract, no commitment, no hassle—with just a phone call you can arrange service directly with www.Pear- Energy.Com and seamlessly switch over from FPL with no restrictions or added fees. BeachWitch loves seeing each bill reflecting how many trees we have saved and what our carbon offsets have totaled. We encourage everyone to try Pear!

StandAmongFriends will be hosting the 1st Annual Business Ability Leadership Awards Luncheon at 11:00 a.m. at Jungle Island on Nov. 7th . This luncheon recognizes the significant efforts of outstanding companies and individuals whom contribute to disability diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as the overall quality of life in the community. This group is leading the way in bringing business and ability together and when our community thrives our whole world improves – and that’s EcoFriendly magic in our book! Check out www.StandAmongFriends.Org or call 888-499-4090 for more information.

Out of the Closet is located at 1510 Alton Rd. and has a wide array of costumes for all your Halloween needs this year. These donations and sales of second hand magic support AIDS healthcare in our local community and also recycle vintage and modern items that eliminate needless waste, encourage local community support and re-circulate goods and materials back into our community instead of our landfills. Bring down your favorite clothes and household items or purchase a few of the many incredible finds in this one of a kind magic closet!

Visit www.OutOfTheCloset.Org for more information.

Sabrina’s Circle is a Community Partnership Program of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research and is dedicated to the development of a therapy, or combination of therapies, that will reverse chronic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) paralysis. Built on the notion that when it comes to giving back, “what comes around goes around” this program is an opportunity for businesses to form an alliance with SCF on an ongoing basis through brand partnership and cross-promotional opportunities with a virtual circle of support. The Program promotes partnerships among community leaders, decision makers, donors, the business sector, and other local organizations.

For more information and to get involved with this groundbreaking community enterprise, visit online at www.SabrinaCohenFoundation.Org or call 305-674-4895.

ECOMB – the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches is infamous for hosting regular beach cleanups all over Miami. Join them on Saturday, November 2, at the North Shore Open Space Park and make a real difference in your community by volunteering to clean up the shoreline between 79th and 83rd streets. It is after all your beach, so why not take a few hours and join this fantastic group help keep it cleaner for the future! Whether a long time native, or recent resident, we can all appreciate the majesty of our coastal paradise and the need to protect it. Visit Director Luiz Rodriguez at to find out more about this incredible environmental advocacy group and how to make the beach even more magical!

The SoundScape Cinema Series has resumed this season with movies on the wall at the New World Symphony on Washington Ave. What is better than grabbing a blanket or few chairs, packing a few snacks and watching a fun cinematic masterpiece on the giant outdoor screen? Completely free to the public every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm you and yours can gather with your neighbors on the grounds and watch a classic film with your community — now that’s eco friendly magic we can all enjoy! Visit mbculture. com for the list of weekly movies and other great concerts for the whole family to enjoy. Grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

For more ‘Green Magic’ visit us at www.BeachWitch.Com, or send Billie your tips, events, or anything else EcoFriendly to info@BeachWitch.Com. We hope you enjoyed traveling with us down BeachWitch Way today and wish you a happy and sustainable future filled with magic!

Regards, Billie the BeachWitch

There has been an incredible amount of plastic involved with Halloween festivities annually … let’s try to reduce some of that this year and make some healthier choices for ourselves and the planet. Remember BeachWitch is watching so please keep the beach and ocean clean or she will cast a spell on you!

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