Thoughts from a Young (Award Winning) Equestrienne

ofia Kauderer with Red Status Symbol

Hi, my name is Sofia Kauderer and I am absolutely in love with horseback riding. It is my passion, and I have never been so ecstatic about something; I love my horse Red Status Symbol.

My first memory of riding is at Harbor Island on the beach with a white pony named Shia. I rode bareback in the ocean, woods and on the sand. This is when I fell in love with horses, and wanted to start riding. I had ponies come to my birthday parties and give us rides, but I wanted to start actually riding. Isabella Perricone, one of my best friends who used to be in my dance class and went to school with me, rode horses; her mother Malou Perricone is one of the most experienced riders at the barn where trainer Christy Higman Clements works. Christy has made kids’ dreams of becoming horseback riders come true. She put me on a white pony named BJ. He reminded me of Shia and I instantly fell in love with him. I learned how to tack my horse up and wash him. Christy started to think I was getting a little too big to ride BJ, so she recommended Matt, a sweet and friendly Saddle Seat horse. After Matt, Christy put me on Secret, another Saddle Seat horse. After a lot of practicing I finally got my own horse Red.

I love Red so much; he is a half Arabian horse. He loves carrots and apples. (P.S. If you’re looking for some carrot juice or apple juice, Red is your man). Christy soon decided that I should start doing some local horse shows in Tropical Park. After winning all three of my classes in my first show ever in Tropical Park, I got very interested in showing. I then started traveling with my horseback riding team at the time: Isabella Perricone, Valentina Perricone, Lian Oteiza, Luci, Rachel and Ally. We traveled all around the United States. I just recently won both of my shows in Region 12 at Perry, Georgia, as well as my class at Ocala and all four of my classes at Tampa. I have many more achievements though and so do my barn friends. I am so happy to have such great friends; they support me all the time and so does my family. I am going to Youth Nationals this year for the first time.

People from all over the United States will be there. I just want to go in and have a good ride, and hopefully make top ten. I know Red and I will do great! I do walk trot, 10 and under, Half Arabian, Equitation and Pleasure. Equitation is about me and Pleasure is about the horse. I am number one in the southeast Region for my age group and kind of riding. I am very proud of Red and I, and couldn’t have made it this far without my parents’ and friends’ support. Wish Red and I good luck for Nationals!

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