Untitled. Launches curated Art Fair with Omar Lopez-Chahoud as inaugural 2012 Creative Director

New York based curator, Omar Lopez- Chahoud, has been appointed as Creative Director of the inaugural edition of UNTITLED. Launching in Miami December 5-9, 2012, UNTITLED. is a curated art fair that will host a focused selection of approximately 50 international galleries whose exhibiting artists will be chosen in conversation with Lopez-Chahoud. Selected works must connect visually or conceptually to one another to create a cogent and cohesive presentation that places emphasis on the viewer’s experience and the contextualization of the works exhibited.

Under the creative direction of Omar Lopez Chahoud, UNTITLED. is implementing key decisions that will differentiate it from the traditional art fair model. A limited selection of exhibitors, works curated by Lopez-Chahoud in conversation with the galleries, a program focused on diversity and conceptual rigor, and a focus on engagement are the hallmarks of this innovative fair.

Approximately 50 galleries will be invited to exhibit at the fair, with 20-30% of the booths dedicated to solo projects and the rest limited to 2 or 3-person exhibitions. Lopez-Chahoud’s curatorial direction facilitates focused, cogent connections between otherwise disparate works and invites collaborative discourse and contextualization.

Lopez-Chahoud’s curatorial perspective aims at anchoring a younger generation of artists to the past by presenting some of the most diverse and engaging work by emerging, mid-career and established artists from countries around the world including Europe, Canada, Latin America and the US.

Working with venerated architecture firm, K/R, the fair will capitalize on its prime, beachfront location with a custom designed structure that encourages a relaxed, indoor/outdoor experience emphasizing light, space and energy flow. UNTITLED. exhibitors are chosen to participate by process of invitation, rather than selection committee, and based on a process of Lopez-Chahoud communicating very intensely with the galleries to understand their ideas and point of view.

“The work for UNTITLED. will keep you engaged — it will transcend trends. Many artists are skeptical of art fairs because of the context. Art fairs need to go in a more clear, interesting direction where artists feel proud to participate. At the end of the day it has to be about the artist.” – Omar Lopez-Chahoud, UNTITLED. Creative Director since 1958.

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