Amor Sierra, Owner and Anti-Trafficking Advocate


Amor Sierra is the owner of Miami Tattoo Co. She is an Anti-Trafficking Advocate, Active member of the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force and the Miami Dade County Human Trafficking Coalition, an Ambassador of Hope with Shared Hope International, an Active volunteer in nearly a dozen anti-trafficking organizations in South Florida and a Trained Survivor Mentor. She has assisted local anti-trafficking organizations with the training of over 200 volunteers on human trafficking awareness in her community. She is on the Board of Directors for DeliverFund, DeliverFund is a nonprofit, private intelligence organization whose mission is to eradicate human trafficking. She co-hosts a talk radio show on

Amor Sierra, Owner of Miami Tattoo Co.

Amor Sierra, Owner of Miami Tattoo Co.

Life:FM 90.9FM that reaches thousands of listeners in South Florida on a weekly basis. The show specifically focuses on raising awareness and helping with prevention of human trafficking as well as offering information on training to help equip the community.

She worked in the corporate world for 22 years. In 2008, she left her home in Miami, Florida to climb the corporate ladder in Texas for a number of years. Through an unwavering work ethic, determination, and business savvy, she continued to rise and was very successful. However, she felt a calling on her life to do something more with her life, something more than just making more money or getting that next promotion. She was called to do something that mattered and could make a difference in the world. In 2012, Amor decided to listen to that call. Without a plan, she left behind her thriving success and came home to Miami to dive full time into figuring what this calling was. It wasn’t long after that she became aware of the horrors of human trafficking through a conference she heard a message by Christine Caine of the A21 Campaign. She got involved in helping raise awareness that this was a domestic issue and was happening in the United States. This was actually happening in her hometown of Miami.

In March of 2013, a news story aired in Miami. A 13-year old girl had been rescued. What affected her most was finding out that the trafficker had forced a tattoo of his name on her eyelids. She was gripped and immediately began to research and found out about victim’s being branded with tattoos by their perpetrators. She was stirred to action. She soon connected with Chris Baker of Ink 180 – a pioneering organization that removes or covers up the tattoos used for branding victims of sex trafficking. Instantly Amor felt that this was the area that she was called to work in. Not knowing much about tattoos nor the industry, a month and a half later in May of 2013 she opened the doors of Miami Tattoo Company, with the specific purpose of working with survivors of human trafficking who have been branded. Today, Miami Tattoo Co. not only works with human trafficking survivors, but the studio also helps cutting survivors, breast cancer survivors, and former gang members in whatever manner they can use their tattoo skills to help.

The Miami Tattoo Company is well known for our great art but we are now known for the work we are doing to help in the community. Just recently we took part in helping expand new legislation that will help raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking as well as help victims.


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  1. Thank you for what you are doing to help those in need, i’m Trying to worn my own daughter of the dangers that are out in the world. She is 19 is trying to go over sea’s to visit a friend she met online. I fear for her safety, I will show this article to her along with some other information I have found.

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