Youth Issues are Women’s Issues


Women Working Together at the Women’s March in Miami

Women Working Together at the Women’s March in Miami


 WOKE Stage Added to The WOW FACTOR Conference


Wingspan Seminars has added a major component to the Women’s History Month Conference, Professionally Fabulous: The WOW Factor, The WOKE Stage.  As the conference’s focus has been primarily on speakers, clinics, and vendors it’s taken a turn towards advocacy. The shooting at Parkland High School made a personal impact of the organizer, Priscilla Dames whose career title for Miami-Dade County Public School was Safe Schools Specialist.

Until now, the March 31st conference, held at the Riverside Hotel, 620 E. Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL highlighted such speakers as Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, Miami-Dade School Board Member, Ferial Youakim, International Image Consultant, Dr. Marilyn Volker, Sexologist with a list of other notables, primarily members of the organization, Professionally Fabulous. The Women’s History Month gathering’s topics range from those relative to business success, career advancement to women’s empowerment, beauty, and sexual prowess.  Another priority has been to set a tone of comradery and fun while learning which is part of the group’s mission.  However, with the shooting and deaths of 17 students and faculty at Parkland High School, WOKE has been added. WOKE, a public movement meaning to ‘stay awake’ to happenings and issues regarding the community.  It provides forums that call the public to act on an issue, particularly those relating to social justice.

A WOKE Stage part of an afternoon WOW Centre now focusses on school violence and other issues.  Those issues relative to children have always been included with those of women. What affects the children, effects mothers, and the whole household.  Too, the group is chartered with members that have collectively served thousands of hours in South Florida communities. Many of those members are elected officials, business owners, and community advocates. Social entrepreneurship is utilizing a business to bring awareness and solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues.  Several of those social entrepreneurs and guests will be joining Ms. Dames on the Woke Stage.  Woke dialogues will also address the Me-Too movement, women in leadership roles and 2018 being the Year of the Woman. A percentage of the day’s proceeds will be donated to the youth anti-violence movement.




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