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What is a Notice of Action/ Constructive Service?

The use of constructive service of process can be made when the location of spouses is not known. This is referred to as a divorce by publication, because constructive service is performed by placing a legal notice advertisement in the newspaper for a set period of time. A good faith effort to locate the missing spouse must be made, however, before a constructive service of process is used… Read More Here!

What is a Notice of Action/ Dissolution of Marriage?

In Florida, a divorce is called a dissolution. Florida is a no-fault state, requiring only that the parties show that their marriage is irretrievably broken. There is no legal separation in Florida. Florida also does not recognize common law marriage.In order to obtain a dissolution in Florida, as in other states, there must be jurisdiction over the parties to hear the matter. Jurisdiction means that the court has the power to hear and make… Read more here!