Bullying and What We can Do!

By Jaylin Thomas….

Norland Middle School- Language Arts

My name is Jaylin and I am going to give you some important tips about life and tips on bullying. Day by day students are being bullied all over the world. Students are forced to commit suicide because they are ashamed, and constantly being picked on every day.

They finally reach their breaking point and go to the next level.

Recently, there have been teen murders in different states. Most often, bullying starts between the ages of 13 to15 years old. The bullying really takes a toll on you in middle school. When students are being bullied, and don’t say anything, it’s because they want to fit in the crowd or they just laugh along with it.

Students being bullied are suffering. Students that are being bullied and tell their parents don’t really know what to do.

Parents do all they can to protect their child. Teachers don’t know the real causes when students are being bullied.

I’m going to give you some tremendous advice on bullying. First of all it’s wrong;Bullies don’t know the effect they are causing a student, and what they are going through.

Bullies don’t know that it’s very serious to pick on another student. Bullies aren’t aware that if a student is being bullied that their parents can file charges on that bully, so don’t take it as a game! So if you see a student being bullied don’t sit there and watch it happen. Go to the teachers or your counselor. You don’t have to be a “snitch” or a “tattle-tale” you are just saving a life.

  • Go tell your (legal guardian) or your teacher that you are being bullied.
  • Don’t keep it to yourself (tell a friend)
  • Report the bully to your teacher or family member.
  • Don’t be afraid to go up and stand up for yourself.

Students don’t stand there and watch a student being bullied; tell (someone) you can save a life!

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