City Salutes Lily Mae Johnson, Oldest Resident

By Janey Tate….

Lily Mae Johnson

On July 6, 2010, Lily Mae Johnson turned 104 years old. She is the oldest known and recorded resident living in the beautiful city of Miami Gardens. Johnson and her family moved to the area more than 40 years ago which at the time they were the third black family to move into the Scott Lake area. Ms. Johnson, enjoys knitting pot holders and going to bible study. Although her movements are limited she still contributes to the Scott Lake area‘s Crime Watch Group. She has been a part of the Crime watch group since it began two years ago and feels that it is the least that she can do to help keep her and those around her safe. “I enjoy living in Miami Gardens… I like it.” said Johnson. In her free time when she is not fighting crime she likes to watch television and sing songs from her hay day. “She loved to cook when she was able to and she loves to sew.” Charles Chestnut, her son-in law and caretaker. Chestnut has been caring for his mother-inlaw since his wife, her daughter passed away two years ago. The Scott Lake community Crime Watch group celebrated Lily Mae’s birthday this past summer and many of the Crime Watch members attended and local city officials and community leaders. The City Miami Gardens is proud to have this living legend as a part of the City new and rich history and her life is a testament to the longevity and perseverance that people of the City possess.

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