Keeping our Kids Safe Miami Gardens Crossing Guards Honored

Keeping our Kids Safe Miami Gardens Crossing Guards Honored

Each and every morning and afternoon handful of dedicated City of Miami Gardens employees take to the streets to devote their time and attention to making sure our most valuable assets are kept safe – our children. Often times overlooked for their devotion and service, Crossing Guards play a vital role in the health of our city. After all the good health and safety of children means EVERYONE benefits.

Honors and kudos go out this month to several crossing guards recognized by members of the City of Miami Gardens Council with a Five Year Service Award. Congratulations to Crossing Guard Lessie Thomas and Brandon Jones-Starks!

From the outside, it may seem like the work of a Crossing Guard is simple; but think again. There are 18 elementary schools in the City of Miami Gardens.

Keeping our Kids Safe Miami Gardens Crossing Guards Honored


That translates into thousands of youngsters making their way to and from school each day, sharing the busy rush-hour time frames with thousands of drivers and vehicles. Getting our youngest and brightest safely from point A to point B is the primary goal of Crossing Guards. That can be a tough job here in Florida. According to statistics compiled from the Department of Transportation, our state consistently ranks one of the WORST in the nation in the number of hit and run accidents reported, many involving children. In fact, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, Florida had nearly 70,000 hit and run crashes last year alone. Three out of every five fatalities were caused by hit and run crashes. Those are sobering statistics. Within our city limits, well trained Crossing Guards are creating a legacy of safety.

School Crossing Guard Superintendent Cherise Asberry reports a 100% ACCIDENT FREE SAFETY RECORD for The City of Miami Gardens.

We’re proud to recognize City of Miami Gardens crossing guards and say THANK YOU for the dedicated service!

For more information on the Crossing Guard program and how you can get involved contact Cherise Asberry at

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