Pavement Management Program and Project Update

Miami Gardens Road and Sidewalk improvementMiami-Dade County voters approved the People’s Transportation Plan (PTP) in 2002. An objective of the plan was to fund road improvement projects within municipalities to include sidewalks. The City of Miami Gardens incorporated in 2003 and did not receive its share from the PTP proceeds. Revenues from the PTP were first allocated to the City starting in October, 2012. Since our incorporation, funding has been inadequate at the City level for road improvements and sidewalk repairs/additions.

The Public Works Department has implemented a comprehensive pavement management program that addresses all stages of the useful life of the asphalted roads in the City. Many factors are considered when the department prioritizes these types of projects: How old the road is; the relative smoothness of the surface; the history of potholes that this road has had; the existence of utilities under the road; and numerous other factors. Priorities are also based on our 2006 Roadway and Sidewalk Assessment. The pavement program includes the repairs and adding new sidewalks.

The common methods used for pavement preventive maintenance are sprayapplied sealers, rejuvenators, micro surfacing, etc. Traditionally these treatments are applied to pavement to reduce pitting and keep road surfaces intact, to reduce shrinkage tendencies, to keep roads watertight so water does not enter the road and create damage, and to rejuvenate the properties of the existing asphalt. The product the city uses depends on factors such as the age and existing condition of the pavement. For example, a rejuvenator, which is a colorless substance, is applied to asphalt pavement while the road is in good condition. One application alone can extend the useful life of a road several years.

The benefits of a pavement preventive maintenance program are:

• The Program saves the city millions of dollars

• It extends the useful life of the pavement

• It minimizes new roadway construction projects, resulting in less neighborhood disruption

• The maintenance activities helps to maintain a smoother riding surface

• The Program allows for dollars saved to be shifted to new projects The newly completed projects with the pavement programs are:

Repaved road and new sidewalk repairs and additions to include ADA in the intersections:

• Between NW 151 Street and NW 155 Street and between NW 27 Avenue and Railroad Drive.

• Budget At Completion: $726,800

Rejuvenation to Extend the Lifespan of the Roads:

• Between NW 27 Avenue and NW 32 Avenue and between NW 154 Street and NW 151 Street.

• Budget At Completion: $30, 234

The Projects under Construction:

• Repaving road and new sidewalk repairs and additions to include ADA in the intersections:

Venetian Gardens Community:

• Between NW 154 Street and NW 167 Street and between NW 37 Avenue and NW 42 Avenue.

• Budget: $1,727,627

Andover Community:

• Between NW 207 Street and Snake Creek Canal and between NW 2 Avenue and NW 15 Avenue.

Budget: $900,000

This is just a start; we will continue to go through all the communities and address all the roads and sidewalk issues that long for this pavement program. For more information, please call our Public Works Department at 305-622-8004.

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