Putting the fun back in fitness!

flip2bfit2When it comes to fitness and getting in shape, a lot of people have visions of boredom or being stuck at an uncomfortable or intimidating gym. It isn’t often that someone will envision a family activity that is both fun and challenging, but now with Flip2BFit, fitness can be a fun, group activity that helps you get in shape, and spend time with those that matter to you! Forget waiting in line for monotonous machines at the gym, or dealing with intimidating gym-goers when all you really want is to have a nice workout without the hassle. With Flip2BFit, it is all about having fun while getting some fitness!

Flip2BFit is an amazing new board game that incorporates fitness in a box. Learn cardio, strength training exercises, yoga and more with each and every round of Flip2BFit. There is no equipment needed beyond the board game to have a fun round of fitness with family and friends. You will enhance your fitness level with the Fact/Fiction Nutrition cards that provide basic information that is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Information about topics such as good versus bad fats, serving size portions, antioxidant information and more, you will learn fundamental and interesting facts that will boost your fitness level! One of the great things about Flip2BFit is that you won’t even think of it as “working out”. It is a fun game that will challenge you, yet is appropriate for all ages from six years old and up! Whether playing as individuals or teams, Flip2BFit is as simple as spinning the wheel, picking up a card, completing an exercise, and of course having fun!

flip2bfit3Bakari, by the creators of Flip2BFit, is an awesome fitness memory game. Challenging both your mind and your body, you match two physical activity cards, and then complete the physical challenge to earn points. Bakari can be taken anywhere, for game night with friends, or a family night in. Both Bakari and Flip2BFit are correlated to US National and State PE and Health Curriculums, making them the perfect companion to school PE Programs, especially on those rainy and cold days when going outside is not an option.

Heather Parisi, founder of Flip2BFit, was inspired to share her joy of health and fitness after she overcame a serious injury. Part of her road to recovery included physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, and she just knew she had to share it with others. Parisi wanted to educate the public about their health options as well as provide a way to make fitness fun for all ages. Flip2BFit was born out of these desires. Flip2BFit is partnered with Fitness for Africa, an organization that battles obesity and malnutrition in Africa and through this partnership Flip2BFit is helping make a difference in the lives of many Ugandan Children, by teaching them ways to have a fit and healthy lifestyle through the fun of playing a game.

For more information visit Flip2BFit.com or contact Chelsea@chicblvd.com.

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