Wheatgrass juice gave me a new lease on life

By Heinz Dinter….

During a routine physical several years ago, a doctor concluded that it was necessary for me to rely on prescription drugs for the first time in my life. In response to my high blood pressure reading of 200/100 (120/80 is considered healthy), I was prescribed a daily regimen of three different pills for hypertension.

After struggling with this condition for many years, I met Regina and Marshall Cussell who told me all about the wonders of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is considered a superfood and has a high antioxidant capacity. It is one of the richest sources of living chlorophyll as well as an excellent source of vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Several health institutions utilize wheatgrass as a method to promote health maintenance and self healing. Armed with this newfound information, I decided to order a juicer and my first batch of fresh wheatgrass.

Here is what occurred:

May 15th my blood pressure was 208/110. I began my daily regimen of juicing and drinking 2 oz. of wheatgrass juice daily.

On May 22nd I was not prepared for such shocking results. My blood pressure monitor displayed a reading of 130/75. “Let’s see what the coming week brings”, I thought.

I gave my blood pressure monitor little rest the following week. For many years, I lived as a prime candidate to become yet another statistic, but my new daily numbers were in a range I had not come close to for over 25 years.

May 29th my blood pressure was down to 111/66. I felt good and was in high spirits.

(Would I soon be able to stop taking those blood pressure pills?)

June 5th, three weeks after beginning my daily wheatgrass routine, the blood pressure monitor reported 136/86. What exciting news!

The readings on June 12th and 15th reconfirmed my stunning progress.

On June 25th, 40 days had passed since embarking on this journey. I pressed the start button on my blood pressure monitor. 135/68 was the current reading. Was this a new lease on life? Would I soon be able to announce, “Who wants my pill dispenser?” It surely seemed the “Silent Killer” of hypertension was much less likely to count me as a victim.

(There will be more about wheatgrass and Heinz’s journey in subsequent editions of the newspaper. Read it for YOUR HEALTH. You won’t regret it.)

For more information about wheatgrass visit www.wheatgrassing.com or call Regina or Marshall Cussell at 786-245-5477. You may also visit with the Cussells every Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at the Coconut Grove Organic Market located at 3300 Grand Avenue.

Dr. Heinz Dinter is an online publisher at www.GrandLifestyle.com who earned his PhD in economics and business administration from the University of Florida.

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  1. I went through a similar experience and can attest to the fact that wheatgrass can do some amazing things. I don't have time to grow and juice my own though so I get the powder.

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