Commissioner Winston F. Barnes


January this year, for the first time since my election in 2003, I had the pleasure and the privilege of attending Broward Days in our state capital, Tallahassee.

That this happened for the first time is indicative of my belief that spending by elected officials ought to redound to the benefit of the majority of residents. As such, I sought to visit with representatives who, in my opinion, have the leverage to attend to an issue which is of major interest and concern for residents, especially those in the western end of our fair city.

The matter concerns the blasting in their area of the city, which has disrupted residents’ day to day life. In addition, the homeowners have seen their properties compromised. While there were no guarantees offered, the representatives with whom we held talks disclosed that there are a number of bills which are slowly making their way through committees offering some hope for our residents.

The Tallahassee visit also allowed for the opportunity to see the House and the Senate in sitting in addition to seminars and lectures which examined issues of direct concern and interest to residents of Broward County, and ultimately to Miramar residents.

As might be expected as well, the visit to our legislators offered the chance for the representatives to have personal contact, especially through the introduction to their staff who manage the day to day operations, both in the Capital and in their home offices. What this means is that when issues with direct impact on our residents arise, Tallahassee representatives know who is communicating with them on those issues.

One of the more interesting seminars held examined tourism in Broward County and the possibility of creating a “reality” show around the Port Everglades complex. The reality show was the suggestion of House Representative Michael Gottlieb, District 98. Although the show will not be located in Miramar, it could conceivably help promote our city’s interests if only indirectly.

I will also be hosting my annual Free Citizenship Drive this year on April 18th at the Miramar Youth Enrichment Center. Attorneys will be available to answer questions and assist those in attendance to complete their applications for citizenship at no charge. This opportunity is not limited to Miramar residents only. I hope to see you there.

I am proud to be your Commissioner and thank you for the opportunity to serve you responsibly.

Winston F. Barnes
City of Miramar

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