Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III Brings Safe Drinking Water Solution, Water-Gen, to Florida

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Mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III of Miami Gardens invited the Consul General of Israel in Miami, Lior Haiat to join him in an historic event for the State of Florida and the preservation of the quality of life for all of its citizens. The two introduced the solution for accessible clean and safe drinking water. Water-Gen is one of Israel’s most innovative companies whose water from air solutions meet one of the world’s most immediate challenges for clean and safe drinking water.  

Water-Gen has developed a cutting-edge Air to Water Generating (AWG) technology and line of products for household use and large scale AWG modular units for generating clean and safe drinking water from the air. This unlimited resource provides an abundant, renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the air. With the patented GENius, the world’s most energy-efficient AWG module of its kind, Water-Gen’s various water generator models can serve the water needs from a small house to whole villages to an entire country.

In March 2017, over 170,000 South Floridians were affected by a precautionary boil water advisory due to a power outage at a water plant. This month, with the beginning of Florida’s hurricane season, authorities have begun to re-educate its residents on the contaminant effects of hurricane damage to drinking water. Therefore, it is very timely that for the next two weeks the City of Miami Gardens will host a pilot program featuring Water-Gen’s mid-size unit that extracts water from the air and dispenses clean drinking water. “We are excited to demonstrate to the citizens across Florida Water-Gen’s forward-thinking and innovative solution that will benefit each and every household and family,” noted Mayor of Miami Gardens, Oliver G. Gilbert III. “As representatives responsible for the quality of life and safety of our communities, preparedness and readiness to counter crises is mandatory. Water-Gen’s pilot will enable us to measure its use for clean drinking water if needed for hurricane relief and any other emergency water situation that may arise.”

The World Health Organization revealed in March 2017 that tainted water is one of the environmental factors causing death to 1.7 million children during their first five years. Water-Gen’s mission is to improve the quality of life of billions across the globe who face poor water sanitation or inaccessibility to clean drinking water. In order to realize this vision and save millions of lives as quickly as possible, Water-Gen is collaborating with local partners in the U.S., Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, Australia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, CIS countries, African countries, and China.

Consul General Lior Haiat reaffirmed the ‘Start up Nation’ objective. “The State of Israel continues to be at the forefront of changing the world and forging the path to solving world challenges. Water-Gen’s practical solution to clean and accessible drinking water may enable every citizen of the world to have this basic human necessity.”

Last month, the Natural Resources Defense Council released a report stating in 2015, nearly 77 million Americans were served by community water systems that had drinking water violations. Water-Gen recently opened offices in the U.S. and is speaking with officials on the U.S. federal and state levels to set up preventative measures against contaminated water resources. Water-Gen Inc. President Yehuda Kaploun notes: “Miami Gardens is our first significant pilot program in a U.S. city. By generating the water directly from the air, Water-Gen has developed an independent, innovative and autonomous solution, requiring only electricity and no infrastructure. This quick and easy solution allows Water-Gen to respond immediately to the rapidly unfolding water crisis and any emergency situation. We are ideally positioned to enable communities to tap into a clean and safe drinking water source with a refreshing taste.”

For every community size, Water-Gen has the ability to help. The Large Scale Water Generators can potentially service billions around the world, including whole cities, villages, schools, and hospitals. The GEN-350G Medium Scale AWG was awarded the “Atmospheric Water Generation for Forward Operating Base” CCD Contract with the UK Ministry of Defense. Water-Gen units are also being used for a number of years by the Israel Defense Forces.

The Genny, the Water from Air Home Appliance, makes it ideal for homes and offices with a quick and easy installation. Water-Gen’s water solutions work with regular electrical supply, generators, or solar energy.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez in recognizing the importance of the pilot said, “I congratulate Mayor Gilbert and the City of Miami Gardens for its leadership in allowing for the demonstration of water generation technology that could be a game-changer.”

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  1. There is a local company in South Florida called Atmospheric Water Solutions that has been selling the AquaBoy Pro II, an award winning air to water generator, which can be found online at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Office Depot. Search AquaBoy!

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