NW Miami-Dade Drug Bust: Miami’s Walter White?

nw miami-dade drug bust

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]iami’s infamy as a hotbed for drugs and related activity is well known. But no one expected to find such a large drug lab in the middle of a Northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood, on NW 200th and 80th Avenue. The main suspect was arrested at the door by authorities that arrived on the scene.


Raul Puig, 29, could have been Miami’s own Walter White.


Emphasis on “could have”.



Unlike the intelligent fictional character, Puig failed to notice that he forgot to pay his rent on time, or decided to use the 24-hour limit on the eviction notice to move his equipment to another location.


You’d think that someone would have moved their operation if they got an eviction notice 24 hours earlier.


Residents of the neighborhood are shocked to find out that they had such a large drug manufacturer right under their noses. Even officials, ranging from the DEA to local Miami police have noted the large amount of supplies and chemicals pulled from the location. The equipment procured from the location includes an industrial pill machine, thousands of empty capsules, various chemicals, finished compounds of MDMA, LSD, Ecstasy, and three firearms.


Due to the inconspicuous nature of the lab, surrounding residents had no concept of the danger that the contents had on their homes and families. Sources from 7News report that neighbors of Puig voiced their concerns about the sudden revelation on their situation:


“Neighbors said they’re reeling after finding out dangerous drugs were being manufactured just down the street from where their children play. This is a great neighborhood. We have kids, like, family, very quiet, said a man who lives nearby. I’ve never seen something like this, and then I asked the officer, ‘What’s going on?’ She said, ‘No, there’s a meth lab,’ and I said, ‘Wow, it’s crazy,’ because meth labs, they can cause an explosion.”



With all of their industrial grade equipment, you’d think they would spare enough capital to actually own their property?


During the investigation, the 29 year old stayed on the premises due to lack of charges, admitting to the authorities that he had only been renting the property and had no recollection of the lab on the premises. After his arrest, the suspect was taken to bond court, where the attending justice, Judge Mindy Glazer denied the Puig bond. The incident in question was compared to the plot of AMC television series “Breaking Bad”, as remarked in court “The whole entire house was filled with beakers, cooking supplies,” said detective.”


Currently, Puig is sitting out his time in jail, facing charges that include armed drug trafficking and manufacturing with intent to deliver. His bond hearing has been changed to Monday, May 11th due to new charges related to firearms discovered in the residence.


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