Broncos Cheerleaders honor memory of Kaely Camacho with tree planting

Surrounded by family and friends, Kaely Camacho’s mom, Angela Camacho, helps plant the special tree.

The rain stopped just long enough on Saturday, Sept. 22, for the Palmetto Bay Broncos cheerleaders to plant a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree in Coral Reef Park to honor their teammate Kaely Camacho.

Kaely, a bright and energetic 13-year old, died in a tragic car accident on her way to school in April. More than 50 people — including Kaely’s parents, Angela and Kirk Camacho, step parents, brothers and sisters, extended family, cheerleaders and friends — attended the event.

The tree-planting ceremony was organized by Broncos’ team parent Kristen Markovich. Shelby Abramson, who coached Kaely during her time as a Broncos cheerleader, spoke about her and the significance of planting the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, which grows to have an impressive trunk that looks like someone painted it by hand.

“As this tree grows, layers of bark peel away revealing bright and vibrant colors,” Abramson explained. “This is not an ordinary tree, and Kaely was not an ordinary girl. She, too, was unique and colorful and vibrant.”

Kaely’s tree, generously donated by Broncos’ parents Gisele and Jorge Torres of Double J Tree Farms, is planted near the Coral Reef Park Concession Stand for all park visitors to enjoy. The plaque on the living memorial is inscribed with the words, “In Memory of Kaely Camacho, An Angel’s Voice Cheering from Above.”

Angela Camacho spoke at the ceremony and passed out Forget Me Not flower seeds to those attending as a reminder to everyone to not forget Kaely. Kaely had spent many years as a dancer and two years as a Bronco cheerleader. She would have been a cheerleader this year at Miami Palmetto Senior High.

“Kaely loved to cheer. This is such a wonderful way for her to be remembered by her teammates,” Angela said. “I just love the words on the plaque.”

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1 Comment on "Broncos Cheerleaders honor memory of Kaely Camacho with tree planting"

  1. Mackenzie Kram | December 29, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    These people who planted the tree are doing what they are supposed to do. That will show people that Kaely was a bright and energetic teenager. They should promote anti-drinking and driving ads throughout the rest of america that would say "IF YOU DRINK AND DRIVE, YOU COULD KILL ANOTHER 13 YEAR OLD GIRL". This will show that her sister Bree Ann Camacho is right when she made that heartbreaking video and uploaded it to YouTube, that we MUST STOP DRUNK DRIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE MUST DO EVERYTHING WE CAN, TO PREVENT ANOTHER DRUNK DRIVING CRASH THAT KILLED 13 YEAR OLD KAELY MARIE CAMACHO ON APRIL 13, 2012

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