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Please, no air show on edge of The Everglades To the Editor: In response to Kenneth Bluh’s recent column. Miami Air Show, on the northwest edge of The Everglades. Good idea?

I am a native Miamian, born in 1960. You’re correct. I suspected that you were referring to the airstrip at River Ranch (in the ‘70s). I didn’t recall the Dade-Collier Airport. I’m certain that my folks knew of it. In fact, my parents were fascinated by the Everglades. During the ’60s and ’70s, my mom researched the Wilderness Waterway — Everglades City to Flamingo.

Just about every weekend, our family went by car and boat to explore and fish vast areas of Everglades National Park. Gradually, my dad navigated our boat(s) deep into this absolutely beautiful country in the dark — about 6 a.m. or so — to reach our favorite fishing spots before sunup.

I can still see the colorful images of daybreak, nature’s spectacular show like none other. I felt so privileged to have experienced the everglades in this way. Getting to know the sights and sounds (or silence) of life in this natural world touched my soul in a profound way. So, I developed a great love of nature. I treasure Everglades National Park.

Ideally, airports are built in areas where people and houses are not. Why? Everything associated with aviation and an airport doesn’t belong where there is precious life.

As I read your column, I was struck by the images of noisy, pollution-spewing, eye-burning clouds/particles of burned fuel, airplanes, large and small, great numbers of people, cars, garbage, etc., on the northwest edge of The Everglades. Please, no, Mr. Bluh! No, don’t destroy or impose on this absolutely beautiful country. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Please, please, please leave this peaceful, treasured, natural world undisturbed by mankind.

April Hudson-Martin,

Idea designed to get taxpayers to fund officials’ trips to Paris

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read Kenneth Bluh’s commentary regarding the proposal to bring an air show to the old runway in the Everglades. How can the politicians behind this potential boondoggle possibly be serious?

With all the plans and money spent to restore the natural water flow of the Everglades, anyone who is informed can see that this project will not fly. The massive infrastructure required to support such an event is not viable in the Everglades.

Additionally, there are the issues of housing, transportation and other logistics involved in supporting a crowd of 350,000 for five days.

Where would they stay and how would they get to and from the site? Can you imagine any investor who would take on the regulatory delays, cost of lawsuits and bad publicity involved in seeking the regulatory approvals required to tear up and build on the land over which the water naturally flows to the Gulf?

It seems to me this is an idea designed to get taxpayer paid trips to Paris for the mayor, governor and their cronies and, if pursued, more fees paid by taxpayers to their friendly lobbyists, lawyers and consultants.

The law and voters have made clear that the Everglades are to be protected and restored, not plumaged by greedy politicians at the taxpayer’s expense.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Karen Mashburn,

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