Local resident gives a new meaning to ‘MPH’ for moms

Local resident gives a new meaning to ‘MPH’ for moms
Priya Nembhard (left) is pictured with MPH’s cofounder Kim Harrison.
Local resident gives a new meaning to ‘MPH’ for moms
Priya Nembhard (left) is pictured with MPH’s cofounder
Kim Harrison.

Cutler Bay resident Priya Nembhard, who is a young mom herself, recently teamed up with another young mom, Kim Harrison of Long Island, NY, to create a service and application for smartphones with GPS called Moms Pump Here (MPH).

The idea is to help moms easily locate places to breast pump or breastfeed on demand in privacy.

Nembhard explained how the project got started. “Kim and I are college acquaintances,” Nembhard said. “I went to Syracuse University and she went to Cortland University, which are neighboring schools.

Kim contacted me about the idea after following my articles on my other website, Entrepreneurrookie.com. Funny enough, the idea popped into Kim’s head while doing business at the Jacob Javits Center in NY. She had to breast pump in a cold, uninviting bathroom stall. Who really wants to prepare a meal like that for their baby?”

Since they both felt that there were no resources available for breast pumping mothers to find, rate and share safe, private places to breast pump away from home, they needed to do something to help. They knew there are many breastfeeding sites, but did their research and discovered that none catered to breast pumping. Their site and app are the first utilizing GPS technology.

“At the time Kim was just weaning her last child off,” Nembhard said. “I on the other hand breast pumped for my first child, but my last child was breastfeeding for nearly two years,” Nembhard said.“So the experience mothers have really made us passionate about the mission of the site.”

Her husband, Wade, has helped a lot with the creation of the site by investing his own time and research.

“So we could not have made it happen without his expertise and ambition,” Nembhard said. “What is great about it is that he’s a father, so he knows the importance as well.”

The site caters to mothers throughout the Unites States. They hope eventually to add international locations to the site.

“We started by populating the site with locations in major cities — like New York, Chicago and Miami — with the help of interns in Chicago and New York,” Nembhard said. “We want mothers to register and check-in at sites they have breast pumped so other moms, wherever they are, can go to Moms Pump Here and find the best and safest location nearby, instead of a car or public restroom.”

The MPH website lists breast pumping places in shopping malls, restaurants, recreational parks, airports, colleges and universities, hotels, movie theaters, corporate offices, and others, using GPS and cellular triangulation location, delivering pumping spots right to a mother’s smartphone screen.

And the cost? The MPH desktop website, mobile website, and mobile app are free for the registered breast pumping and breastfeeding moms using it.

For information visit www.momspumphere.com

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