Vying for village Vice Mayor seat- John DuBois


Dissatisfied with the leadership of the Palmetto Bay Village Council, John DuBois is running for vice mayor in order to better serve the community’s residents. The keyword in his campaign is “serve” — a word that DuBois believes should be the guiding principle of conduct for every elected leader.

DuBois said he believes the council members have lost touch with their constituents and failed to serve the needs and interests of residents. He points to the millions of dollars of cost associated with the fight against Palmer Trinity School and the $1 million “hot dog stand” at Coral Reef Park as two of many examples demonstrating the gross mismanagement of taxpayers’ money.

“Council members have spent an enormous amount of time and financial resources fighting Palmer Trinity at the expense of neglecting issues that affect Palmetto Bay residents,” DuBois said. “Council members have a fiduciary responsibility to serve the interests of the community as a whole, not their own personal interests over the vast majority of residents. There is $16 million in long-term debt on the balance sheet and the 2011-12 budget has a $1.5 million deficit for the first time in the village’s history. Wasting millions of dollars on attorney’s fees for frivolous litigation is not acceptable. It is time for a change of leadership.”

DuBois explains that fiscal responsibility is not just about avoiding waste, it’s about spending money in areas and services that positively impact the community. In DuBois’ opinion, these areas include beautification of the village, park maintenance, personal safety and security and education.

“Focusing on these areas ultimately improves quality of life and in turn, helps to increase property values in Palmetto Bay,” he said.

In addition, DuBois believes the village’s customer service level can be improved significantly. Customer service and professionalism must start with leadership by example from the council — something that is sore members during his campaign. Many residents have expressed their frustration and said council members have been so focused on the Palmer Trinity issue they have not been responsive to basic issues, such as fixing potholes and standing water problems near people’s homes.

Residents have also indicated that council members have been dismissive of opposing views and choose to not listen or consider a compromise, even on issues supported by the majority of residents.

As president and CEO of Eyecast, DuBois brings to the table his corporate business experience and analytical skills in making informed and objective decisions. In his business, integrity, fiduciary responsibility and customer service are keys to success. Eyecast is a technology company that DuBois started more than three years ago, bringing many new jobs to South Florida.

He attended American University in Washington, DC, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics and a Master of Science in Technology of Management.

DuBois served on the board of directors of the Deering Estate Foundation and is a member of the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Tree Committee.

He is most passionate about assisting the homeless community and for the past eight years has served on the board of directors for Camillus House, the largest service provider to the homeless in Miami. He also serves on the board of Camillus Health Concerns, which provides health services to those who cannot afford medical treatment.

DuBois is a member of the Educate Tomorrow Advisory Board, which provides foster care children who age out of the system with education and life skills training.

For more information about John DuBois, visit www.JohnDuBois.com , or contact him directly at 786- 888-4000.

— Nancy Eagleton

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