Erica Watts running for Palmetto Bay

Group shot at Coral Reef Elementary

Running for Office takes a particular type of courage. I have it. I have proudly volunteered and served this community as a PTA President and Committee member. I decided to run for this position because it will be a continuation of my service to Palmetto Bay. My character is being attacked by the Vice Mayor because he fears losing the position he uses for his own self interest.

The Vice-Mayor’s campaign has one focus – the ‘485’, which I neither supported nor advocated for. I have countless pictures with the entire Council and many others that support my work for this community. People stand beside me because they know I am a hard working mother and advocate for children and families. The Vice Mayor is using a select few pictures to spread lies about my character. Why is re-defining my character necessary? Character matters: the Vice Mayor is governed by self-interest and Palmetto Bay residents have concern.

I model the character of the public servants who helped me when I was young. That model took me from being a ward of the state, to running Court Programs, to law school, to volunteering for this community and now to this moment. I am ready to serve. Public service has been my life’s work. As a mother, advocate for children and families, and public servant, your interest will be my focus and priority. I’ve got your back!

Erica Watts, JD

Candidate for Vice Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Ba

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