Golf carts now may ‘cross the line’ between cities


The Palmetto Bay Village Council during its May 3 meeting at the Deering Estate Visitors Center voted unanimously to pass an ordinance providing for reciprocal use of properly registered golf carts between the Town of Cutler Bay and Village of Palmetto Bay.

The Cutler Bay Commission had enacted a similar ordinance on Feb. 17 permitting the golf carts of village residents to be used on town roads, so the move by the village council allows residents of both cities to “cross the line” and enjoy travel between the two communities.

“I think the new ordinance is fantastic,” said village resident Marshall Berk.

“It’s easy to get around — there’s less traffic on the side streets. It’s fun. I think people are going to have a nice time with it. I have family in Cutler Bay, so we can visit each other with the carts, now.”

Berk is one of a number of golf cart owners who is registered and enjoys using the scaled-down form of transportation to visit friends and relatives, get coffee or food or do some shopping in accessible areas. He also said that when he is in the golf cart, people wave and respond to him in a friendly manner, and the relaxed pace is nice.

“I wish Pinecrest would do the same thing,” Berk said. “I have some family members over there, too.” To operate golf carts on streets within Palmetto Bay or Cutler Bay, the carts must be registered with one of the municipalities, driven by someone 18 or older with a valid driver’s license, be covered by insurance and have the required basic safety equipment.

Carts must have four wheels, lights, turn signals, brakes, seatbelts, be limited to less than 20 miles per hour and carry no more than four people. All streets in the village are permitted except for major heavily trafficked ones such as S. Dixie Highway (US1), Old Cutler Road, SW 136th Street, SW 144th Street, SW 152nd Street, SW 168th Street, SW 184th Street, SW 67th Avenue, SW 77th Avenue, SW 82nd Avenue, SW 87th Avenue and SW 97th Avenue.

Carts cannot be operated on sidewalks, bike paths, swales or inside of parks (other than legitimate parking spaces).

There’s a $50 initial registration fee, but the annual renewal is only $10. For more information, contact either Palmetto Bay Village Hall at 305-259-1234 or Cutler Bay Town Hall at 305-234-4262.

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