Little Disciples Preschool Ranked in Florida’s Top 5%


Little-disciples-preschool-picturePalmetto Bay, FL – For the third consecutive year, the Florida Department of Education has ranked Little Disciples Preschool in the top 5th percentile in the state for Kindergarten Readiness.

Located in Palmetto Bay at Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, the four-year old class of Little Disciples Preschool earned an impressive 197 points out of a possible 200 in the state’s assessment of Kindergarten readiness. The exam measures how well a preschool prepares its four-year-olds to be ready for kindergarten based on literacy, mathematics, social and personal skills, letter naming and phonemic awareness.

“Preparing our students for Kindergarten is our top priority as educators,” said Preschool Director, Virginia Bernstein. “We know how important that first year of school is for the future growth and education of each child. A positive first experience into Kindergarten usually leads to a more confident child who looks forward to new challenges in the entire learning process.”

“Our teachers are amazing,” added Bernstein. “The repeated success of our students, year-in-and-year-out, demonstrates what a great job they are doing. The curriculum is rigorous but fun, hands-on, and really prepares our students to succeed.”

Mrs. Bernstein also credits the success of the preschool to its dedication to family. “We strive to be a place where families can grow with other families,” Bernstein adds.  “Events are planned throughout the year to encourage family involvement in the education process. The parents are such an important part of their child’s learning process and their participation plays a key role in achieving positive test results.”

“My child has been with Little Disciples Preschool since age two and we feel confident knowing that he is prepared for his first day of Kindergarten,” said Sarah Rivera. “They learn something new every day.”

“Having our students ready for Kindergarten is a huge priority for us,” says Nastashia Davis, teacher of the 4-year old class. “We work towards giving our students a foundation that helps them excel in their future and interact well with other students. Our curriculum gives them a great head start on the learning process and an easy transition into Kindergarten.”

Little Disciples Preschool will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year. The preschool was established in 1987 and prides itself in quality learning through Christian-based education. Registration is now open. It is located at 14401 Old Cutler Road. For more information call the preschool office at 786-573-7019 or visit

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