Commissioner Levine Cava convenes Traffic Solutions

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County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava today convened a Traffic Solutions Summit to help tackle the ever-increasing traffic congestion in the Pinecrest through Palmetto Bay, and Cutler Bay to Palm Glades transportation corridor.

More than 150 local residents gathered to hear from traffic experts, examine transportation improvement plans underway, and to have the opportunity to offer input on future plans. Participants broke into small groups to brainstorm transit solutions and to help produce a realistic action plan to reduce traffic, including individual commitments. The group intends to hold each other accountable for real results.

“I am committed to finding ways to prevent urban sprawl and the glut of car-dependent traffic it creates, but we will only be successful if we work together to provide real, effective and desirable alternatives,” said Commissioner Levine Cava. “We are all part of the traffic problem, because all of us here are driving cars that create traffic. I am looking to everyone here today to help us envision a plan of great ideas that we can soon implement. Let’s all be part of the traffic solution.”

The brainstorm of ideas for traffic solutions ranged from implementing “smart signals” and reversible lanes to providing corporate discount transit passes, bike-share programs and carpooling incentives. Residents also expressed a need for more local trolleys and Park & Rides for easier access to the Metrorail.

The Summit took place at the Cutler Bay Town Hall. Co-hosts included the Village of Pinecrest, The Village of Palmetto Bay and the Town of Cutler Bay.

For more information on the Summit or to provide your traffic solution ideas, please contact the District 8 office at (305) 378-6677 or

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2 Comments on "Commissioner Levine Cava convenes Traffic Solutions"

  1. ROBERT G YGLESIAS | February 8, 2018 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    This is great. We appreciate your efforts to solve this growing problem. While at it, is there any chance to resolve a non vehicular traffice problem, that being all the people that are asking for not only aid but for contributions to get their teams to playoffs?

  2. You speak of urban sprawl: New applications–Community Council–15 and 14 zoning
    with large home developments will make more and more congestion; Comm Cava, people love their cars–ease of handling, blue tooth, seat warmers, shopping convenience, specialized shopping, will not ride a bus or a rail car. If those who work within a short distance of the rail–(Jobs like down town–JMH–Gov Centers Medical Centers, and Domestic jobs along the rail, they, (a small minority) will use Metro transportation; thousands upon thousands will still be in their cars driving to their destinations. >Assignment(County person) someone stand on the corner of 152 St and US#1 and when the light is red both north bound and south bound with a clipboard, ask drivers if they would use the rail and,or bus, if it came south. (tabulate the results and find out the real stuff.
    On another note: If the Politicans in Homestead would become more business friendly and fix the infrastructure (Sewage-the most needed),roads, and ESPECIALLY–EASE IN PERMITTING–HEAVY COSTS IN APPLICATIONS–(TOO MANY HURDLES)–this would make more jobs locally in Homestead and make less traffic northward. MORE TO EXPLORE-SOUTH DADE—The city of Homestead needs a lot of Pro Business development changes (as mentioned); District Commissioner, focus on the City of Homestead. Our other area District 8 cities are built out and always needing a constant better quality of living. More new home building means more congestion–Automobiles—add to that–New Car Dealerships–Car lots galore-US #1 provide the congestion. :)

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